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Thursday, September 17, 2009

9/17/09- My Day

I spent the night in my crate because The Feline was allowed upstairs to share quality time with The Woman. Unamused.

I was fed late this morning by 67 minutes because The Woman slept in. Not a good start. Still unamused.

No early morning constitutional except some time in the backyard. The Woman claims she had to get to school asap. Exponentially unamused.

She comes home.

She gives out pets and treats. Okay, maybe I am a little bit interested in what she is doing.

The Woman puts Belle-chan in her crate. Oh, now, this is interesting! And gets my leash and collar. Car ride! I almost allow my interest to pique.

First we go to the bank. I pee on their shrubberies.

Then we go to Pet Smart. I pee on their shrubberies.

Then we go to a store that I can not enter. The Woman is losing points again; boredom rapidly sets in.

Then, we go to the Place Where People Adore Me, and they notice how calm and regal I am while stroking my fur and speaking fabulous things about me. This is always good.

Then home, and for one of the few times ever, Belle-chan actually allowed me to chase her around the kitchen table- a modified Shiba 500 but still, actual play. This is very good!

Then, another treat.

Now, if The Woman will feed and walk us on time, this day might balance equally for unamusement and subtle contentment.

I Am Shiba. I Am Waiting . . .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, Cortez, you're always so philosophical!

- Di

9:56 PM  

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