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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yesterday It Rained, Part Two

So the question arose yesterday as to whether or not Belle-chan and myself could push The Woman over that subtle line of controlled normalcy to insane hysteria.

It turns out that the answer is yes. Yes we can.

The rain continued to fall as we were forced out of the warm dry house to do our constitutionals in the back yard. Usually, when it is raining like this, there is a rather dry part of a wooded area that The Woman takes us so that we do not complain that much. And she maintained consistent as we walked to this particular spot.

Where, upon our arrival, Belle-chan and I both immediately spy a chipmunk.

Many will remember that we have been hunting chipmunks for most of the summer and this one obviously had not gotten the memo that our yard was off-limits to striped rodents. But, there it was, looking around casually in our very definitely well marked spot, and We Immediately Strike.

Think two cheetahs on leashes attempting to chase a gazelle.

Now, when it rains, several factors come into play:

1. The leaves are wet and slippery.
2. The grass is wet and slippery.
3. The rock steps are wet and slippery.

and so it goes that as Belle-chan and I started our chase, The Woman was unable to keep her footing and finds herself sliding behind us.

The chipmunk runs and assumes that hiding under The Woman's car is an intelligent decision, and for a few moments, we were stymied. That is, until Belle-chan realizes that she could crawl underneath the car while I stood guard elsewhere (I Knew this Girl was Good for Something).

That striped thing (realizing that his decision was a poor one) takes off from underneath the car, heading back toward the woods. Belle-chan is still under the car but I am free to give chase. Remember, however, the three points regarding slippery footing and the two leashed cheetahs.

The Woman refuses to let go of the leashes but Belle-chan is unable to get out from underneath the car as fast as I am able to pursue the quarry. This time, The Woman is literally stuck between two Shibas, being pulled in opposite directions while lying flat on the ground.

By the time Belle-chan gets out from underneath the car, I have been pulled back and restrained. The two of us are promptly marched back into the house despite our attempts at pulling back toward the woods because We Know Where It Is!!

Neither Belle-chan nor I were allowed into the backyard for the rest of the day. We had to walk later that day on wet sidewalks in order to meet our daily obligations.

The Chipmunk lived to see another day. That is, unless The Cat next door finds him.

I Am Shiba. The Hunt Shall Resume.


Blogger Lisa said...

I hesitate to mention this, for The Woman's Sanity, but it's been raining here for two days. I suspect it will be wet there for a bit longer.

12:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cortez (and the Woman) you had me rolling on the floor with this one!!! Please keep the blog going.

3:34 PM  

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