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Friday, August 21, 2009

My Fans

They exist, both local and afar.

Recently, this post was made in the comment section of my blog:

"So glad Belle is feeling better - we actually saw you at the vet's on Sat. morning (we were with Comet, the other Shiba) and commented on how lovely Belle was...and we couldn't resist sneaking a peak at the regal Cortez patiently waiting in the car."

The paparazzi is everywhere! (By the way, Comet is a cool name for a Shiba).

The Woman and the family discussed Belle's health and myself being a therapy dog with no mention of the blog, and yet, there are reader's lurking behind their keyboards evervigilant of my local and international activities, and we cross paths with them without ever knowing of their Bookmarked Webpages.

A friend of the woman called the other day, stating that she was so embarrassed. Why? Because she approached a young man walking a Shiba in Squirrel Park and asked, "is this the infamous Cortez?" No, the young man responded, this is different Shiba, Cody. He is not the one with the Blog.

How primitive that a Shiba would not have a blog.

(We have known Cody since he was a small puppy lad and he has now grown into a magnificent example of what a Shiba should be. His person survived the puppyhood and now is ready to enjoy the magnificence of all that is Shiba with a dog who absolutely adores him. Plus, Cody has a longer nose than me. It's easy to tell us apart).

Of course, not a day goes by without Shiba adoration from the general public or the greeting of one Shiba person to another. We were in Chester, Connecticut when a Porsche SUV pulled up. A very well dressed lady came out and went "omg, a Shiba! I have one also!" and immediately a conversation ensued, much to the boredom of her male companion. I wonder if she is a blog reader.

Course, a Porsche SUV is a much better vehicle for a Shiba to ride in than a barely air conditioned Chevy Aveo.

Dogster is an awesome place to post about Shiba tips and antics, and I know on Winnie's blog, she discusses meet and greets with other people from Dogster who read her blog and follow her advice regarding training and health (Winnie having recently had health UTI health issues and her person was kinda enough to post options for her readership). And I don't know how Tierce deals with his large fan base on the Misanthropic Shiba, a site that single-handedly convinced many to indulge in the craziness of enjoying the Shiba psychosis.

It feels strange to realize that people actually read and follow my postings and thoughts. I have been posting them for three years now. It started when The People came back from Belgium, after abandoning me for two weeks at a wonderful kennel that knew and understood the Shiba mentality, but while there, I discovered my muse, and the blog was born.

So to my readers both near and far, I thank you for your three years of readership whether you own a Shiba or not. I thank the people who told us of their daughter in Japan and the Shibas that they saw there. I am sorry that the same restaurant did not have outside tables this year because we were hoping to see you again, and maybe meet your daughter. I thank the lady who insisted that I was a Yorkshire Terrier for giving me something to write about. (The Woman even asked, don't you mean a Corgi? and the lady responded, no, he looks just like a Yorkshire!)

That was a first and only.

But most of all, I am just content to say that the adventures will only continue. For the first time in five days, The Woman decided to take us *somewhere* to get us out of the house since it has been 90+ degrees every day, and eventhough it will be 90+ today, at least we got to play in the park and visit some of our local establishments.

But for now, I lie in front of the fan, shedding more fur, and basking in the joy of knowing that The Woman spends more hours cleaning up after me than she does talking to That Guy.

I Am Shiba. I Know Who Is The Important One Around Here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, Sir Cortez. I am such a fan that I would be willing to run for president of the fan club. At the very least, I would like to be a founding member. When I discovered you sometime during the past year, I read the entire blog from beginning to end with much enjoyment. Now I look EVERY day for new pronouncements from you. I comment rather often, perhaps too often. During the period when the lovely Belle Chan was newly arrived I refrained from commenting (my own life was a little hectic), but I never ceased to read. I am relieved that the two of you are happy together and that the enthusiastic Belle Chan is well and happily taking on some of the more ordinary shiba duties so that you can focus on being the magnificient ruling shiba of your domain. I look forward all your future postings and thank The Woman for being of such great assistance to you in this endeavor. Respectfully yours, M.

9:34 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Congratulations on three years, Cortez.

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I check in on Cortez's blog frequently - and put 2 and 2 together when we saw Belle at the vet. I did tell my husband that he couldn't go back in the waiting room and say "You must be The Woman!" Hope to run into you again someday - at a place more fun than the vet. Jen (and Comet)

6:21 PM  
Anonymous That Guy said...

Congrats Cortez!

You're the man :-)

7:16 PM  
Blogger Carly said...

Thank you for that wonderful blog! It's really inspiring. I hope you will be inspired in virtually or real life forstering of these dogs through this application: http://apps.facebook.com/save-a-dog/

8:50 AM  
Blogger Masako said...

Cortez, we have admired you and loved every bit of wisdom posted. May our paths cross someday. (Don't worry, I'm not a stalking kind of fan & I hope it didn't come across that way!)

To many more years of blogging...

Masako & Winnie

8:52 PM  
Anonymous Mia said...

I look each day as well (through the eyes of my guardian) for your latest musing, rant, insight, perspective, question or comment. It's an honor to have a look into your world and I'm so happy that you are willing to share yourself with us.

I also share with you a small amount of infamy, at least where I live, as I am that Shiba with no Eyes. Not quite the moniker I hoped to carry through my life but we Shibas must deal with the cards we are dealt.

Wishing you continued success and thank you again.

Your fan,


10:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Cortez-san. I'm Di. I'm in the former Huntington Beach Shiba Inu Meetup group, now called Orange County/Los Angeles County Shiba Inu Meetup. The Asian girl there is me (note: I have two(2) legs. I'm crossing my legs in the picture and someone who saw it thought I had only one leg. lol)

I like all dogs but shiba inus are my favorite. I like funny shiba stories and cute pictures. Your blog is very interesting.


9:21 PM  
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