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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shiba Power!

Yesterday, a computer technician came to our house. He had to work on That Guy's computer, which has suffered from a syndrome that if you push the "on" button, nothing happens. So this alleged wizard arrives to fix the problem and We Shibas were ready.

Now, when Workman come to the house and The Woman is here, one of two things will happen. She will either leash us and make introductions, assuring us that this individual is welcome into the house, and if the workman does not mind, we will supervise the quality of his profession and determine if The Woman is getting her money's worth. However, if the door is being opened frequently or something like the rugs are being cleaned, we are crated. This way, we observe from a distance but still are able to supervise.

Yesterday, That Guy did neither. As the computer technician worked downstairs, we had full run of the upstairs and made our presence known to this unseen intruder. The Guy apologized to The Workman but he said he understood. Dogs will be dogs. But The Workman never came upstairs. We put the fear of the Shiba in him.

However, when The Woman came home, she did not know that The Workman had come to the House. So, after our initial greeting, Belle-chan and I immediately started acting crazy around the house, chasing one another, play fighting, and being all bark and macho. She was laughing when That Guy explained that there had been a workman earlier, and that both of us were in red alert mode the entire time.

The Woman realized what we were doing. We were re-enacting our protection of the house and demonstrating our plans of attack as well as how we eventually scared the man away (who is coming back again today I have heard!) We were very proud of ourselves for our ability to notify and protect, and proudly showed her our display. We got plenty of praise and she rolled with us on the floor as we chased and jumped around, showing our ferocity and then returned for more pets.

I don't know what the plan is for today. Today both The Woman and The Man will be here. But what I do know is that after it is all over, I am sure a Greenie or a Pig's Ear will be given to us and we will lie in front of the door in the sunshine, and know that we are loved for what makes us Shibas.

I Am Shiba. Two Sound Louder Than One!


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