I Am Shiba.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Recently we had another dog Kersplash so that we could continue to raise awareness of how happy dogs need a happy place to play. This is the organization that ran it. It is the same organization that also ran the Taste of Manchester for which I volunteered my time and graced the event with the presence of "all that is Shiba."

This is the organization for which I do my dog therapy. The woman in the center is our fearless leader. See that man on the far right? That is a killer chihuahua that he holds in his hand. See that beagle in the center left? That is Peanut. She is pretty cool.

This is Chip. He is one of the Training Dogs for our Therapy Team. He will push you over in order to get petted and is way too happy for his own good.

The next three pictures are just dogs being dogs having fun on an absolutely gorgeous New England Day. Please notice the high number of Labradors. I guess that they really are the number one dog in America.

There are few things that dogs ask for. A nice bowl of kibble. A comfortable place to sleep. The opportunity to have fun, by whatever means they define it.

I personally disdain getting my toes wet so my fun was merely mocking the idiots who do.

I Am Shiba. Dogs, They Want To Have Fun.


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