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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Well, It's Official.

I am starting to get old.

The Woman has noticed subtle changes in my abilities- and some not so subtle. Like, I now have to poo every day, and I need to be let out more often to pee (or else the ottoman has that perfect corner for me to use). My legs shake if I exercise too much, and I seem to tire more easily.

And I am only almost ten years old. That is not old for a Shiba at all!

The Woman, of course, took me to the Vet and had a battery of tests done to make sure I was okay since I was peeing in the house. Outside of a mild creatinine level increase, I am healthy but you can now feel my open ribs and my pelvis even though I am still a healthy 27 pounds. My appetite is good and overall my attitude is positive. Well, its a positive Shiba attitude.

It's just that my pride of being able to hold it for 2 days is no longer something I can brag about. My muscles in my hind legs and back are slowly starting to break down. The muscles that help control my bodily functions are slowly getting weaker. The animal behaviorist who came to our house last night (the Lady who tortures me by making me obey commands and learn new things even though I don't want to!) commented that she can see the change in my appearance. That while I still look like an amazing Shiba, she can feel the differences of my muscles and gave The Woman some examples of massaging exercises to help me feel better as well as talk with The People about how to handle my apparent health changes.

So The People having been working on a schedule of attempting to get me out doors and keeping me away from the Ottoman. The stress is routine- me knowing that I will be let out at these times and walked at these times- and with both of them now fully back into work and life, it's going to take some effort. I feel bad for both of them. That Guy is frustrated because he really doesn't like me peeing on the furniture and The Woman is sad because she doesn't want to accept that I am getting older.

Belle, in the meantime, just bounces around everywhere, having a good time continuing to dominate and police the neighborhood.

But since about Memorial Weekend and now we are heading into Labor Day weekend, everyone is slowly starting to accept that while I am the same Shiba that I have always been, I just now need a little more extra attention than I needed before. It's hard for all of us because while I have my sense of pride and the difficulty of admitting that I have been making mistakes, The People are starting to have to work harder at coordinating their lives which now have to revolve around mine.

Which is how it should have been in the first place, anyway.

I Am Shiba. I Am Still Master Of My Domain!


Blogger Henry and Chad said...

Ah, Cortez. I understand The Woman's sadness. I have it for my Chaddie, too. Since I can't arrange for more pee breaks during the day, I have started putting out puppy pee pee pads. So far, it is a solution that makes everyone happy. Chad knows just what to do with them, and it makes clean-up easy.

8:12 AM  
Blogger jen said...

I was going to email you about what indicates an aging shiba...

I'm about to welcome an approx. 10yr old male shiba into our home as a foster, and the oldest shiba I've fostered was 6 and still as active as my 3 year old was!

I'm thinking that consideration for changes in habit and comfort are key for the mature shiba. Cortez is so lucky to be in a home where he has all he will ever need.

Can you do a post about the massages?
Thanks :)

8:19 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

You are still the man Cortez :)

2:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Sir Cortez, At any age, you will always be my shiba hero. Be sure to let The Woman and That Guy take good care of you, ok? M.

10:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cortez Darling,

This is the saddest post you have ever wrote. It brought tears to my eyes but comforted me at the same time because I also have a 10yr old at home which I was starting to see the same things as you were experiencing. I love you buddy..just remember the older you get the wiser you are..if that is even possible! XOXOXO

1:50 PM  

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