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Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Am The Gatekeeper

Last night I was crated so that I could sleep. I had been on surveillance for almost 72 hours, and while I insisted that I could continue my duties, The People put me in my den and asked me to sleep.

Things come in three, and the last few days have been no exception. First, the air conditioner died, which caused great distress to The Women and much confusion to That Guy. The night it stopped had no solution but the next day for sleeping, The Woman opened all the doors and windows, turned on fans, and circulated the air as to keep us all comfortable. I was not crated. My doors were open. I found myself Watching. Listening. Guarding. I did not sleep but rather maintain my patrol while The Woman and That Guy slept. They had no need to worry. The Shiba was alert.

So then, there was A Man who came to the house to fix the air conditioner. The Woman was not been feeling well. She does not like the heat and humidity, and she has an infection that is affecting her ability to cope with these disagreeable temperatures. Add to this, she did not feel comfortable about A Man who came to Fix the Air Conditioner. Normally, when Workmen come, I am crated so I am relaxed. The Women emailed That Guy about her worries, he called and said "ask Cortez to help you," and out of the crate I come, on leash. I sense her discomfort, and realize that she is worried and shaky. Hence, I put myself on red alert and constantly keep myself between The Workman and The Women. At one point, he raised his arm to give her something and I actually start to lunge, not knowing that this was part of their transaction but I did not like This Guy being so close and assertive to The Woman. He made her scared, and I did not like him. True to Shiba, I never barked. I watched silently. I can read Her Body Language and His. He will not intimidate that which I protect.

After he left, The Woman collapsed and held me. That Guy came home to make sure she was okay. I remained vigilant.

The air conditioner was working once more.

The next day, there were three men in the house replacing the furnace. The Women took me outside, introduced me to the 2 boys and the One Man, allowed me to search the truck, check out what they were doing, inspect their boxes, and overall keep a periodic eye on things. If they got too loud downstairs, I barked to tell them that they were disturbing The Women. But I made sure that she was covered at every moment, and comfortable with what was happening. This day was easier than the last because she liked these guys and so, I liked these guys. The cat was crated and quiet (although I did poke my nose at her a few times) and overall, this day was better than the day before.

However, I am A Shiba. I can not rest until harmony continues within the house.

For three days, I did not sleep. Last night, I was relieved of duty, and allowed to rest in the comfort of my private abode. While I would have preferred to stay with The Woman, That Guy told me I needed a night off. He was right. I was quite tired.

I awoke this morning refreshed and ready to go.

That Guy has stated on several occasions that I belong to The Women. Actually, it is vice versa. She belongs to me. And as long as I can breathe, I shall protect her in her car, her yard, her home, and on walks.

And they both love me for this.

I Am Shiba. Sleep is for The Weak.


Anonymous That Guy said...

I am very happy you protect the woman while I am away, Shiba, but do not be mistaken, she belongs to ME.

4:01 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

I was gonna comment that you were such a great dog for protecting her, but that guy came along and made me say "awwwwwww" instead.

7:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am Bear San I also protect the woman in my house. I especially need to guard her when she goes to the bathroom. When we go out in the car I need to notify people at the drive thru of my presence so they do not mess up the order. I am Bear, woman then take out.

6:05 PM  

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