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Monday, August 04, 2008

My Latest Assginment

The Woman decided to try to grow pumpkins this year, and as you can see, the vines are spreading rather nicely. The problem, however, is those furry rodents that live in the backyard: the shrews, the chipmunks, and The Squirrels.

Without peeing on the vines, I have been given the task of protecting the pumpkins from said animals above. This is not easy as I prefer to spend most of my time indoors, in the coolness of the house rather than sweating outside while standing guard over some greenery but every morning and night, I accompany her outside as she checks her "precious," and I make sure that nothing attacks while we are standing there.

I Am Shiba. Tutamen de Rodentia.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Squash need all the nitrogen that they can get, so peeing on the vines isn't going to hurt them.

My mistake was giving Pepper a mishapen gourd to play with as a puppy -- she grew up thinking that all squash are potential dog toys and if she's bored at the garden, all she has to do is pick a squash, any squash, to amuse herself.

As she won't demean herself by actually eating a vegetable (unlike most of my community gardening collegues, whose dogs love carrots, tomatoes, etc), it took a couple of years of picking the zucchini once they got big enough to be noticed and giving her the Evil Eye around the acorn and other winter squash to break her of this habit. Even so, I've got a beautiful Jarradale (Australian Blue Pumpkin) growing right now that I don't trust her a bit around! ;-)


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