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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Fame We Deserve

I have always found Land's End and L.L.Bean catalogs irritating. All those Labrador and Golden Retriever dogs and puppies demonstrating how the quality of products and clothing as so outdoorsy, that you just want to go out and beat up a few ducks (or at least chase them, chasing them is kinda fun too!) But I will bet you that any of the dogs used by these catalog have never been bitten by a flea, let alone seen one.

But in comes this company:


Finally, someone see the advantage of using Shibas in Advertising. We know how to ride in cars. In fact, we know how to tell our people how to drive to partic
ular destinations that we enjoy. But safety issues aside, we know how to make any product just look good.

Aren't you ready to rush right out and purchase one of these just because The Shiba looks so darn good?

I Hope that The People don't think that Belle and I are going to need one of these! This kind of close contact might be disturbing. People may believe that I actually like her or something.

Now this is something that I could definitely "get in to." (Shiba pun, I can be so funny sometimes).

All these fabulous products modeled by dogs who truly understand the meaning of utility, car rides, and "if you leave me behind, I will destroy every television remote in your house faster than I can eat a bully stick."

I Am Shiba. We Are Photogenic.


Blogger Mika said...

I've seen a couple of shiba modeling for beds and crates, but not seat belt harnesses, V leashes, and that sweet dog tent.

Mommy loves your quote: "if you leave me behind, I will destroy every television remote in your house faster than I can eat a bully stick." Although, she says, in my case, destroy all pee reachable hard drives faster than I can eat a bully stick. I like destroying expensive hard drives. =D

8:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you should try looking up softbank. it's a japanese cell phone company that uses a white shiba inu as their mascot! they even have a family plan called the "white plan" and it has the shiba's face on it. the company's commercials are also on youtube but they're in japanese (just search for softbank)

i am a white shiba so i like it very much. =)

5:57 PM  

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