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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Apologies to All

The Woman wishes to extend her apologies to all that she has been not blogging in a manner to my satisfaction. She has had to use her computer for things related to her schooling, obedience training for humans. It's about time someone taught her obedience. After all, Belle-chan had to go wake the two humans up this morning in order to get breakfast delivered one hour late.

There have been a number of fabulous pictures taken of Belle-chan and me but with That Guy's computer down, they have had to be sharing computers and prioritizing the little lap top and what it gets used for. My pictures have been back ordered. The audacity.

This is not saying, however, that we have been being ignored! The weather has been sunny so we have gotten trips to Squirrel Park and the Nature Center (frogs and turtles and ducks, oh my!) and have had car rides all over the place so I can not complain that we are not getting our due. It's just that, of course, nothing is ever enough. You could give me a treat, a greenie, and a pig ear all in the same day and I would still ask for that bone from your steak.

I am, after all, worth it.

I Am Shiba. I Am All That and More!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your fan club was wondering..... We hang on your every word!!

But in the Human World... life happens.. unfortunately it means foibles that cannot be avoided.

The Woman and Man Mean well to serve You.. and Bellechan benefits from that..

Your Humble Servant and Admirer

9:09 PM  

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