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Wednesday, November 03, 2010


That Guy and The Woman have placed us in jail.

Since I discovered that it was far easier to pee on the furniture that overtly ask to go out, they discussed a variety of plans and eventually came up with this one.

So far, Belle-chan has not been able to figure out how to get over, around, or through it. That, in and of itself, is an accomplishment.

So we are now isolated away from all living room furniture unless The People are present to make sure that *I* don't make any mistakes (like they can prove it- Belle-chan did a few herself I know for a fact).

Belle-chan is upset that she lost access to the couch so a new couch was made for her in the Women's office and our blankets have all been moved in there. It is okay, but not as nice as the living room. Habitable at least.

But now That Guy doesn't worry about us being lose, and The Women isn't constantly cleaning up after me.

The only sad thing is that we don't get to bark at the mailman anymore.

I Am Shiba. I Miss Barking At The Mailman.


Blogger jen said...

When Kitsu lost the window seat because he kept tearing off the blinds, he made me feel like the worst human in the world. Damn shiba eyes... so judgmental and foreboding.

But they get over it!

12:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cortez - you arent' feeling too bad if you can lay the blame on Belle-chan :)

2:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sir Corgtez and Belle-chan:

You two are looking fabulous! The Woman thanks you for the picture and the update.

-the admirer

3:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sir Cortez, So good to see you blogging again. Please thank The Woman for the update on your health in the comments section. It's great that you are carrying on with your usual shiba-ness and shiba-dignity. Let me know when to post bail for you and Belle Chan. M.

4:40 PM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Hi Cortez -- I really like the look of your gate (even though I know you don't like it ! :) Can you Mom tell me what brand it is, how tall it is, and if she is happy with it????

Thank you!!

1:46 PM  

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