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Monday, May 23, 2011

Belle-chan, The Armchair Watch Dog

So these guys are coming over to the house and fixing things. This is good, The Woman says, because this will make the house look better, even though Belle and I work hard at spreading all our fur around so the place has that "lived in" look to it.

Apparently, the lived in look is not what The Selling Woman wants us to have. So we have been instructed that we can not shed anymore.

Yeah, right, watch this shake!

There is this really cool guy, The Carpenter, who comes over and he takes away doors and adds new ones. This is nice because he has big boots that make a lot of noise, and by taking away doors, I get access to stuff that I did not have access to previously. I am very good at pulling things off shelves and making nice nests; last night, I discovered where all the towels and dish towels were and slept well until discovered.

So as he walks back and forth working, I like to follow him so that I can see what new thing he is doing next. Belle-chan, on the other hand, opts to sit comfortably in her chair and pretend like nothing is happening except for the moment that he walks by her chair- she will sit up and bark once.

Not a loud bark or an aggressive bark. More like a bark of "my serenity is being disturbed!" and then she immediately lays back down and resumes whatever thoughts her little fluffy head can hold on to at that moment. And this act repeats itself about every five minutes- she sits up, barks, and then resumes her previous posture of relaxation.

Belle-chan really wasn't even watching The Carpenter. She would just merely look up every now and then, and express her displeasure over his disturbance of her cosmic forces. But it was never more than one bark every five minutes; it was almost like she forgot that he was there half the time and then suddenly woke up and said, "omg, I have to like do something so it looks like I am busy!"

Bell-chan, the Armchair watch dog. Use only the required amount of energy necessary for any given situation.

I Am Shiba. I Follow What I Am Watching.


Anonymous NYEarthling said...

How-To haiku:

One assertive woof
Repeat as necessary
Works best from arm chair!

5:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 4:00 in the morning. Wow. Get a life!

3:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gosh buddy! It's YOU who needs a life if you're posting at 3 in the morning :/

5:17 AM  

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