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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fox vs. Shiba

The other day, That Guy was able to photograph a visitor.

This young lad has been seen in my backyard rather frequently of late and while That Guy has been trying to get a good clear picture, most show a fleeting red blur.

However, the other night, The Woman noticed the back light turn on and looked out the window, and there were TWO of these youngsters in the backyard. Sniffing. Moving about. And following about the same path that That Guy has noticed a solitary taking. Moving up the stairs into the backyard. Crossing the yard. Then heading to the back woods.

When I go into the back yard, I can tell that they were there. And they appear to cross my yard about twice a day- once at night, and once in early morning. Their scent is fresh whenever I go out.

Now. Take a moment to look at the picture above. Then look at the picture below.

Which looks more like a Fox?

I Am Shiba. I Am A Better Looking Fox Than A Fox.


Anonymous That Guy said...


Thanks for commenting on my photograph skills. Next time I will hand you the camera :p

Not willing to contradict you, but you do not look better than a fox. As every Shiba owner can confirm, you look DIFFERENT than a fox.

11:48 AM  

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