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Friday, August 15, 2008

Last night

The weather has been perfect for The Woman as of late. With no skin issues and the temperatures cooler and less humid, she has been enjoying sleeping with windows and doors open (with the screen doors locked, of course).

This means that I am on guard duty from when the stars come out until the sun rises.

Last night, a disturbance happened across the street. It was around 2 A.M. and "the boys" came home in large number, talking and roughhousing as they walked toward their house.

Well, I could not allow this. The Woman was asleep on the couch, quietly slumbering in the coolness of the evening, and *she*must*not*be* disturbed!

I immediately started to yell at the young lads. "Silence! I kill you!" "Respect My Authority!" "You Will Awaken The Woman And This Can Not Be Allowed!"

And true to my prediction, She got up and closed the front door because Those Neighbors were so inconsiderately loud as to awaken Her.

At least I did my job in telling them "what is what" when I am on patrol in my house!

I Am Shiba. I Will Not Be Ignored!


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You seriously crack me up!!!

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