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Friday, August 29, 2008

The Places I Go

My agenda of the last seven days:

1. The Bank (they love me here!)

2. Lowe's Customer Service (bad light fixture investment)

3. Squirrel Park (and I almost got one too!)

4. The Nature Center (I was so happy to be there we had to do the trail twice!)

5. The Grocery Store (I just patrol outside and mark the shrubberies- I can't go inside and visit the butcher alas)

6. The Liquor Store (they love me here too!)

7. The Farmer's Market (if I don't make an appearance, they miss me)

8. The Vet (Got my teeth cleaned)

9. The Pet Store for cat food (of all things)

10. My normal constitutionals (X2 as needed)

11. The drive through of Walgreen's X 2 (The Woman just can't get it right the first time)

12. The Hungry Tiger (for burgers!)

13. And finally, I worked as a Therapist, and had a very good time traveling around in the car on a Saturday morning, being taken places so that I could be adored. It was a very nice day for a car ride into the country.

I Am Shiba. Life Is Not Stagnant.


Blogger Janet said...

What a lucky shiba you are!

8:39 AM  

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