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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Day 3: By Land And By Sea

Today is a sunny day but windy. The chill was a good one that made me fluff out my coat and look very Shiba.

My day started with another attack by the three loose dogs as The Woman and I headed toward the Beach for our early morning walk. Again, these dogs seem to think that they can take down The Shiba in his perfect fitness and attitude, and again, I am spitting out fur as they scamper to the safety of their yard. The ocean was once again beautiful with its sunrise. I continue to explore and play within the waves. It was another good walk, followed by a good hearty kibble breakfast.

Our goal of today is to conquer several parts of the Acadia. We need to venture to the top of Mt. Cadillac, visit Sand Beach, and climb around Otter Cliff.

First we start on Mt. Cadillac and as you can see, these are perfect conditions for a Shiba Walk. Mt. Cadillac is so dog friendly that I go into the gift shop and help The People make decisions regarding what souvenirs to purchase.

Then we venture to Sand Beach. This was utopia for me to conclude my experiment of the Angry Water. The waves were crashing onto the sand and I had to inve
stigate. What I noticed is that with every wave, came Foam so obviously there was a relationship between Angry Water and the Foam. So, the obvious answer to this mystery of stopping the Angry Water is to eat the Foam.

However, it is also fun to Chase The Waves.

Then, we all need a nice rest.

So then we head off to Otter Cliff where we hike the path which gives The People the perfect view of the Atlantic Ocean. I, on the other hand, find something much more interesting:


I Am Shiba. My Adventures Continue.


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