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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sometimes, I Can Be Difficult

Like Yesterday.

Sometimes, after I have my morning constitutional, The Woman gives me a biscuit to eat. However, I will usually wait until she comes home from work before I consume it, preferring to spend my entire day, sleeping in my crate, guarding my treasure. Yesterday, That Guy worked at home, and I would not eat my treat until The Woman returned.

Like Last Night.

The Woman had class last night so it was That Guy and Me hangin' in our crib. When dinner time came, The Woman was still not home. I swear that the food That Guy put in my bowl was not the same food that The Woman puts in my bowl so I refused to eat until she returned home. Then, after she offered me a kibble or two, I decided it was safe to eat my meal.

This Morning.

I ate my breakfast, which was served to me in a timely manner and yet, The Woman made herself some eggs *after* she had given me my kibble. I was rather shocked that she did not share these eggs with me; after all, I enjoy scrambled eggs as much as any other Shiba. However, this time I decided That Guy was a worthy server and ate the eggs that he placed in my bowl. I then allowed him to pet me eventhough I had not yet had my morning constitutional.

And today it is raining so that means that I reserve the right to refuse to enter my backyard until conditions are satisfactorially to my standards. I opted for wet paws.

I Am Shiba. Always Leave Them Wondering.


Blogger A&S said...

we love your blog. we have so much in common with you so we can really relate! hope to read more. yours in shibaness,
akira and shiro

4:53 PM  

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