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Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Woman Speaks

Cortez, Jean-Luc, Anne-Marie (Jean-Luc's Mom), and myself just finished a wonderful 5 day vacation that started in Connecticut and ended in Connecticut. While we had numerous adventures, took over 200+ pictures, and ate seafood non-stop, not everything could be published or addressed in this blog. After all, this is Cortez's blog, and I must only write what he tells me to write.

If you want the story in chronological order, scroll down to Day 1 and then scroll up as you read. As much as I tried, the days were published backwards rather than forward. I wanted you see our last day first and our first day last. If someone knows how I can change this, I am open to input, however, in the meantime, I apologize for its order.

Acadia is a Shiba paradise. Perfect for car drives, leftover seafood, nice hikes with cool temperatures, and plenty of people to stop and adore him, ask what is he, and point out that he looks like a fox. While I may tire of this, The Shiba never does. So if you are seeking a place to have fun, relax, and enjoy the Northeast, Acadia has the stamp of approval from The Shiba.

I am The Woman. I Interpret The Shiba's Blog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm in agreement with you , The Woman and Cortez:Acadia is wonderfull !! and also all the New England ....and your home too
I miss you yet , Cortez
but also The Woman and The Guy
Grand Maman de Belgique

11:38 AM  
Blogger Masako said...

Wow, sounds like an awesome place to visit especially this time of year! One of these days~

10:38 PM  

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