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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Update Time

Well, I have been a busy Shiba.

First, for all concerned parties, my ear is rapidly getting better. It turns out that it was decided that I probably had the ear infection for longer before The Woman noticed. Stoic was the word used to describe me and how I handle issues in my life so most likely the infection was really bad by the time I bothered to mention that maybe I needed to see the vet. But while they are still putting that gross gooey stuff in my ear, I am no longer cock-eared and I now look at the world with two ears erect and forward.

Second, we accomplished our walk for Fidelco, although I still was not feeling 100% better so I was a bit peevish at other dogs that got in my space or tried to sniff my ear. So me, The Woman and That Guy found a spot where we could walk on our own without other dogs. With everyone's donations, we brought in $642.00. I was just told recently that a good service dog can cost upwards of $20,000 so I am feeling pretty darn good about our single accomplishment. We got donations from all over the place, from other countries in fact!, from the military and poor nursing students, from people The Woman used to work with, from family and friends, the Shiba Network, and political affiliations who The Woman loves to argue with but politics, breed, job, ideals- none of this matter when it comes to helping someone without sight find a new life with the help of a dog, and nothing feels better than when a dog and their person feel that connection.

Third, last night I participated in MDoG's, the Taste of Manchester. I was not the dog that was not supposed to be there. But The Woman volunteered to stamp passes at our favorite pub and it was pouring rain outside so we were invited inside. I, of course, was a success as was the event. I am well known by the crowd who hangs at this establishment and all the visitors were fascinated by my calm demeanor and overall royal presence to the event. I laid calmly at her feet, accepting attentions and affections as they were offered and even got some belly rubs out of the event. We saw many people that we knew from walks, other establishments where I have traveled (like where The Woman goes to buy paint!) and eeek!, there were people from the Vet's there! But fortunately, they were not working. The Guy joined us about half way through and helped The Woman stamp passes. There were so many people attending that it was hard for her to keep up!

Now Belle stayed home for all these events. It was decided that she might be a tad "excited" by all the attention, and everyone (including me) that I was a better choice for the public. Everyone kept telling us, Oh, I so badly want one of these dogs, and The Woman kept stating that I was the exception and not the rule (which I interpret as that I am exceptional and I rule!) But overall, I have been busy making public appearances. Fortunately, I will have some time off from having to interact with the masses during the next few days and can rest and relax.

Sometimes being an icon is a tough job.

I Am Shiba. I Believe In Performing Civic Duties.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah,Sir Cortez,congratulations on all your accomplishments and civic contributions. I am so glad you are recovering so well. M.

9:56 PM  

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