I Am Shiba.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011


I Am Shiba. Nom Nom Nom.

Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Been Awhile

and so much has happened. But we Shibas are fine, all is well in the state of North Carolina, and if things go well, we might even go to the beach on Sunday!

The Woman had to do a ten day trip to Connecticut which was supposed to be a three day then became a six day which then became a ten day because of a broken down car (yes, the Shiba mobile broke down!), a nasty court case, and helping That Other Guy and The Child. Although consideration of my attendence was considered for this trip, given the circumstances, it is best that I stayed home. I was not happy without My Person to follow around but I coped better than I would have standing on a highway for several hours and riding in a tow truck.

Plus, someone has to keep Belle-chan inline. She gets very rowdy when I am not around to tell her how to behave.

She definitely spends considerable time and effort telling everyone in the apartment association who is Boss and that they are not. She is exceptionally good at barking at anything out of the ordinary, which includes but is not limited to, a person walking to their car, a car that is parked somewhere she thinks that it should not, and any sign of movement in the grass that could be a toad, lizard, or blowing leaf. Keeping the masses alert to environmental differences is her number one sport.

The Apartment is now Shiba territory. Belle-chan and I both have our favorite spots. The Woman has her work station now available; That Guy has his stuff all in place. We have determined what spots are appropriate for our constitutionals and we enjoy at least two, if not three walks around the neighborhood. There is even a back patio that sometimes The Woman sits out on in themornings or evenings while making phone calls where Belle-chan and I watch birds and sniff for lizards.

And the two local feral kittens that live around us somewhere.

I am saddened to report to my readers that my Health, however, is not improving. I am having issues with my feet and thyroid, and I can no longer chase a ball like I used to be able to do just a few years ago. The Woman soothed me when I chased it once, twice and then stopped because I was just too tired and my feet and legs were hurting. No longer do my hind legs prance like they used to; but I still get around well on short walks and the house with all the carpeting makes me feel good.

I also got a case of North Carolina fleas, much to my embarrassment. I have never felt so unhygenic before! (Belle-chan had no fleas but was still treated. The Woman says that nothing can penetrate her thick coat).

But I still feel like the King that I am and in the mornings, after I am well rested, I enjoy a good run up the stairs to perform a play pose to That Guy and The Woman at exactly 7 a.m. and then run down the stairs very fast because, well, breakfast should always be served on time.

I Am Shiba. I Am Still The Immortal One.