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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Belle and The Neighborhood

As Belle continues to live within our household, there are several interesting things that need to be noted.

First and foremost, she is extremely territorial. One day, she stood on the sidewalk of a house when the couple who owned the house were returning home from their walk, and refused to let them get around her. Think a small fuzzy Gandalf saying "you shall not pass!" But Belle has gotten smarter the longer she lives here, and started to realize who goes with what house so these types of incidents have significantly reduced, although not extinguished because . . .

Secondly, Belle loves the children in our neighborhood. Nothing pleases her more than to have three or four small children running their hands over her body. She wags her tail and is very happy to see them. But if there is a strange adult around who normally is not seen within our neighborhood, she will actually move the children behind her, and raise hackles and growl at this unknown stranger. Could be an aunt or an uncle visiting. Not her concern. To her, this is someone near *her* children, and she must protect what is part of her domain.

Finally, Belle loves to lick. She will lick the children as they pet her; she likes to lick people's hands or feet. Belle enjoys tasting people.

So yesterday we were out walking and one of the children spotted us through his window and made his mother bring him outside to see the doggies. Now, children all have their own idiosyncrasies and as 2.5 year old, this child had made the decision today that he was not going to wear pants or underwear. Today was this child's day to let it all "be free" so to speak. So, Belle recognizes Mom (this is good), Belle enthusiastically greets child (this is good) and Belle starts to lick (now, this could get interesting).

It was with great care that The Woman guided Belle while Mom guided her child. Belle's nose was at the same height for a potential licking fest at what could be conceived as an amazingly inappropriate action. I myself get scolded if I spend too much time cleaning myself there or make too much slurpy sounds (it appears that one is not suppose to clean oneself during a dinner party). But no harm, no foul. Belle's enthusiasm for seeing her friend was contained appropriately and all parties breathed a sigh of relief as the child ran over to the neighbor's house to say "hi" to all his friends there.

I Am Shiba. Next Up, How Belle Almost Took Down A Pizza Delivery Boy.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Saturday, July 17, 2010

What They Learned The Hard Way

Apparently, there has been some discussion on Dogster and on the Inu Baka blog about what humans have learned about dogs the hard way. Allow me to point out that it hasn't been exactly easy for me to train any one in this household either and often times, I have had to use extreme measures to teach them life long lessons.

For example:

1. I might like turkey. I might like turkey drippings but giving me the whole pan to clean up is one of the seven deadly sins -- gluttony. After many carpet mistakes and late night outside emergencies, The People now know better.

2. The Cat is a Large Squirrel, no matter what those People say. I just can't help myself to not chase it.

3. I can say quite a bit with my eyes. Like when I want to go outside, I will look at the door and look at you. Um, hello. I am talking to you. If you choose to ignore me, I shall go to my favorite spot on the carpet and let you know that you missed my message.

4. Tying into this, I may not poo in my backyard because I think that this is distasteful but the living room carpet right next to the television is not part of the backyard.

5. On the continued subject of pooing, where and when I choose to poo is my decision and only my decision. It's not for you to get all upset about or exasperated because I did or I did not or I thought that the spot over there was better than here and then had to go back over here because maybe this spot really was better, or maybe not. As The People, it's not your job to get all concerned about this. It's my job to worry about when and where I will go.

6. I am a male dog. I need to read every email on the walk and leave a few for others. Cope.

7. Speaking of walks, the walk is a time for both of us to share each others company and enjoy whatever weather is happening. Wrong. The walks are all about me. I need to catch up on everything that is happening in my kingdom and this takes time. Don't think that this is all about power walking or your exercise program or anything like that. It's about me. And Belle seems to think it is about her too, but really, it's about me. She at least knows how to pee on command in the backyard while I look for the best of the neighborhood shrubberies to destroy.

8. A wise man once said to The Woman, if you live with your dog, your dog learns to live with you. That should be the motto of every household.

9. The best command in the world is Leave It. I understand this command perfectly. It applies to the flattened squirrel in the middle of the busy intersection to the insane yappy dog on the flexilead who thinks its his right to smell my butt. Leave It means walk away. Sometimes, I don't always know when to do this and rather than being jerked around on a chain, to hear those words and then followed by "Good Boy" and a nice pet, I can carry my tail high knowing that I did the right thing.

With dogs, like small children, just Keep It Simple.

10. No one is a perfect pet owner although some are better than others. Mine, even six years later, still require training. But the important thing to realize is that I am a dog, I am your dog, and although I may ignore you 90% of the time, I do like you.

11. Every dog is different so don't think that Belle is going to do something because I do it and vice versa. Belle thinks that the world revolves around her and she gets on the furniture. I don't get on the furniture and I know that the world revolves around me.

12. Fish oil and salmon are tasty and good for our coats so share that salmon that is sitting on the counter. You know you want us looking our best.

I Am Shiba. You Have To Be Patient With Your People.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Nothing Says Style Like A Shiba


I Am Shiba. We Know How To Look Good.

Friday, July 09, 2010



This is Bartl. He was a littermate to the dogs that I use to try to beat up all the time. He was a dog who this morning, passed away from a lung cancer. Unfortunately, search and rescue dogs go places that have hazardous chemicals and contaminants. They die before they are supposed to.

He was the only certified civilian cadaver trained dogs in the Bay State Area. He traveled all over the country to help people. He was fearless and would often tread where humans were afraid to go.

The world is now an emptier place.

I Am Shiba. Rest In Peace, Good Boy.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

100 degrees

Yup. 100 degrees.

The Woman walked us at 5 a.m. so that we could do our business before the heat started.

Even in the coolness of the house, we are not moving.

And Belle is still shedding.

I Am Shiba. Just Cover Me In Ice Cubes and Call Me In The Morning.