I Am Shiba.

Dedicated to momentary thoughts and musings of A Shiba Inu.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Belle-chan, The Armchair Watch Dog

So these guys are coming over to the house and fixing things. This is good, The Woman says, because this will make the house look better, even though Belle and I work hard at spreading all our fur around so the place has that "lived in" look to it.

Apparently, the lived in look is not what The Selling Woman wants us to have. So we have been instructed that we can not shed anymore.

Yeah, right, watch this shake!

There is this really cool guy, The Carpenter, who comes over and he takes away doors and adds new ones. This is nice because he has big boots that make a lot of noise, and by taking away doors, I get access to stuff that I did not have access to previously. I am very good at pulling things off shelves and making nice nests; last night, I discovered where all the towels and dish towels were and slept well until discovered.

So as he walks back and forth working, I like to follow him so that I can see what new thing he is doing next. Belle-chan, on the other hand, opts to sit comfortably in her chair and pretend like nothing is happening except for the moment that he walks by her chair- she will sit up and bark once.

Not a loud bark or an aggressive bark. More like a bark of "my serenity is being disturbed!" and then she immediately lays back down and resumes whatever thoughts her little fluffy head can hold on to at that moment. And this act repeats itself about every five minutes- she sits up, barks, and then resumes her previous posture of relaxation.

Belle-chan really wasn't even watching The Carpenter. She would just merely look up every now and then, and express her displeasure over his disturbance of her cosmic forces. But it was never more than one bark every five minutes; it was almost like she forgot that he was there half the time and then suddenly woke up and said, "omg, I have to like do something so it looks like I am busy!"

Bell-chan, the Armchair watch dog. Use only the required amount of energy necessary for any given situation.

I Am Shiba. I Follow What I Am Watching.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Well, It's Official

The People are going to be packing everything up and moving me and Belle-chan down to North Carolina sometime this summer.

That Guy was able to get a new position in a new company so The Woman is going to stay behind and straighten out all their "affairs" which gives me and Belle-chan time to finally beat up on the Labrador retriever around the corner and show him that we *are* the rulers of this 'hood!

Then, after this really cool place we have lived sells, we are going to hop into a rental car, and take a trip down south to join that guy and live in this new place that supposedly does not have so much snow that it inconveniences my ability to eliminate for three seasons out of the year. Apparently there will be a terrace that we can bark and snub people from way up high, just like a shiba should.

I have also been told that I will most likely be retired as a therapy dog at the end of June. The Women thinks that I get too tired too fast trying to make everyone around me happy, and as a result, my legs end up hurting more. My face is recovering nicely, but my legs just aren't as young as they used to be. This bothers me because I can not participate in play activities that I love and with my new medication, I am energized and ready to go! but then I start to shake and everyone says, Time Out.

The medicine makes me feel better but my body is still two steps behind. Definitely frustrating. I feel like that guy on the tv show, House.

It is so unfair that this happens to me. I want to play and have fun. And now, I have to walk like an old man and act all old. Just have Belle-chan steal my greenie, and trust me, I don't act old at all!

So the next few months there will be many changes. First, that Guy is gonna leave which means that Belle-chan and I can sleep in the bedroom. Second, I am going to retire from my job, and The Woman is going to leave all her jobs. And then, we are going to travel south to join that Guy. Sounds confusing. Sounds chaotic. Sounds like we might be able to slip out the door and finally get that one damn chipmunk that we never were able to chase down.

He is still here.

We have seen him.

But in the meantime, the Woman says that there is way too much to do and That Guy is getting ready to packed out and head south.

As long as my kibble is delivered on time and I get a treat every time I pee in the backyard, everything else is just easy times.

But beware, Raleigh. We are on our way to take over a new land even if there are other shibas who think that they own that place.

We rule supreme.

I Am Shiba. I Am The Genghis Khan.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Spoonful of Sugar

not only doesn't help the medicine go down, but it also convinces me that it is time to run away really fast because I know that a pill is incoming.

I must say, though, that there is a notable change since I started taking the hypothyroidism medicine.

First, it appears that I have energy again. I am interested in many more things in my environment than just hanging out in my crate.

Second, I seemed to be losing weight so the people are going to increase my kibble for a little while! (woohoo, Belle-chan is jealous!)

Third the fur falling out on my face seems to be growing back so I no longer look like Heath Ledger playing the Joker. Although he was an Academy Award winning star, I don't think that The People were commenting on my acting skills. Although I am an excellent actor; I know exactly when to play the role of "I have no clue what you are talking about" particularly when that pill bottle appears.

It turns out that I had another ear infection also. The Woman tried to clean out my ears but it didn't help. I think my future will be more pills and ear drops. But, at least no one can claim that giving me my medicine is a boring process! I make it a two person event- a time for The Woman and That Guy to lovingly come together and join forces to see if they can outwit a 25 pound dog with the agility of a ninja!

I Am Shiba. I Like To Add A Little Excitement to Everyone's Day.