I Am Shiba.

Dedicated to momentary thoughts and musings of A Shiba Inu.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Visitors Incoming

So yesterday I went to Pet Smart, the greatest store in the world. It was not to purchase toys or treats. Instead, I receive a beauty treatment since we have a visitor arriving to the house tomorrow- Grand-Maman from Belgium!

So here is The Woman offering herself to The Store and requesting entrance as all Temples require acknowledgment and ritual upon entrance.

Hello, I am done and ready to leave!

You guys ready yet?

I always feel very good when I have been brushed and bathed (or get wet in the rain during a walk). I want to run and play, and just bounce around in order to express my delight. It is hard to get my picture when I feel like this!

Today, Strangers are coming to our house to vacuum up all my fur. This should keep them busy for at least three hours.

I Am Shiba. I Look Fabulous!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Picture is Worth A 1000 Words

I Am Shiba. This Picture Speaks for Itself.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Calm Assertiveness

As I slowly enter my middle age years (remember 50 is now the new 30!), I realize the importance of this statement, and how it applies to a number of aspects in my life.

The Woman just finished reading Cesar Millan's book "Be The Pack Leader." Now, while she tells me that she disagrees with Cesar on a number of different levels, she found the book fascinating as it applies itself in a positive manner to both my life and hers.

When I am around other dogs, I no longer need to present myself aggressively. I can stand there, allow them to approach and genuflect, and then present themselves in a proper introduction. The Woman, while paying attention to both myself and the other dog, can then intervene on either of our behave if one of us does not play fair. Usually, it is (of course) the other dog who behaves inappropriately during our interaction and the situation is quickly remedied although however, I do admit that I make a mistake here and there regarding assertiveness verses aggressiveness, and am reminded when I do so.

Recently, The Woman took on a second job working with in a locked down boy's boarding school. These boys are in and out of the judicial system and range in ages from 11-17. Currently, the group of 8 that she trains there are between those ages. Each boy is there for a reason, and a very good reason at that. Saintly behavior is not one of their strengths.

However, the 4 ft. 11 inch tall dieting over 40 hot flashing Woman moves in and about these boys with ease. Some of the boys are twice her size, and yet, there has never been a confrontation or a stand off between her and her responsibilities. And, as a Shiba, I believe it is because of what Cesar Millan writes about: calm assertiveness.

The Woman, whether walking me on the leash, working with her job in the school system, or working her job in the residential home, is active (almost to a point of hyper), opinionated (almost to the point of overbearing), and full of humor and perspective. But through it all, She presents herself in an unexpected assertive manner that involves direct involvement through indirect action.

Now with me, She does not care if I go through the door first, but I better not jump out of the car without her permission or she makes me do the drill again. She does not care if I sniff frequently along my favorite walk where all the neighborhood dogs live, but if she says "leave it," I must. No matter how good it smells. All of this is done with a calm voice and positive attitude. Never once do I feel bad about what I did (or did not do), but rather I realize that there are rules that I need to follow, despite my desire to attempt to push the boundaries.

Too many people find themselves frustrated by the behavior of their dog or the people around them. As energy levels rise, so does the tension. When one remains calm against the seas of turmoil, navigation is much easier than if one feeling out of control and letting the tides chose their paths. I, as The Shiba, manage my household in a calm manner unless the situation calls for some level of excitement; a treat, a toy, a walk, a car ride, dinner, dessert, second breakfast, or the mailman, otherwise, I calmly live within my domain and make my desires known without pushing myself upon The People.

The Woman has found that when working with Oppositional Teenagers (which is a redundant term, She realizes), using Cesar's philosophy helps keep situations from escalating while at the same time, maintaining a respectful relationship between herself and her charges. She can be as crazy as she wants to be but at the same time, whether it be with a leash or with her voice, she can maintain her leadership role without having to bribe, cajole, or yell to make her point.

Cesar's techniques are good for out of control dogs and people. It's not just about picking your battles, but rather, looking at yourself and asking is this my problem or The Woman's problem, and then gently guiding the situation into a positive rather than a negative. I don't like my leash jerked as a reprimad so I respond better to stopping and vocal commands. The Woman does not like to be pushed around so instead she maintains good posture and appropriate body distance, to avoid potential conflicts arising from issues of personal space.

Remember that as a Shiba, I can teach you how to be a good leader if you are willing to take the leash, and be that leader for me.

I Am Shiba. And I Am Still Waiting For Second Breakfast.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Blue Cheese and Coyotes

and in honesty, I, The Shiba, have accomplished nothing of sustenance. Yesterday, I did, however, have the opportunity to walk in The Nature Center Woods, which was then followed by an amazing dinner of my organic dog kibble with a sprinkling of a very fine Danish Blue Cheese. For once, I am attended in a manner appropriate to my status.

I did hear this morning that there is a controversy surrounding Paris Hilton and the possibility that two of her chihuahuas might have been eaten by coyotes, although the poor heiress denies the reports. As a Shiba, I try not to be too involved in the lives of Other Celebrities but seriously only an idiot would let a Chihuahua outside unattended. They are so small that The Breed will get lost just walking through a jungle of grass. Then again, we are talking about Paris Hilton . . .

I Am Shiba. I Return You Now to Your Regularly Scheduled Program.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

K9 Kerplunk

A pool party in support of my fellow subjects? Well, I consider attending. My presence could add significant improvement to the impoverished event but the paparazzi could also interrupt the fluidity of such a occasion. However, the problem is solved when my fellow comrade-in-arms decide to have a booth advertising our work in the community (all good reigning royalty must provide a public service) and I decide to join them and once more, show the city of Manchester All That Is Shiba.

I arrive. Please note that The Woman is acting as my Personal Assistant for this event. That Guy fulfilled the role as Staff Photographer. My entourage is complete.

Here are a few of my colleagues and I resting from the sun. Please note that we are all varying shades of the same color, proving once more my good fashion sense.

Some dogs are just ready to be photographed. Because I was working and mingling among the masses, I had to refrain from asserting my dominance even when others sniffed my butt. There were many loose dogs chasing each other in wet happiness and glee. Chaos reigned complete.

However, a few opted out of the chases to fetch a tennis ball in a pool of water that was covered with dogs and their fur. These dogs would swim, fetch, and return, only to repeat the process again. A very mundane activity but like the "Bread and Circuses" of the Roman Times, even the simplest of individuals must be provided a day of fun. Labradors are so easily amused.

This was a difficult moment. There were many dogs who wished to smell my butt, and one that even tried to be "intimate" with me (requiring me to have to assert that my sexuality was my own business, Thank You Very Much!) However, my staff required a photograph of myself and Prince Oz be included within our adventure to prove once and for all that a Shiba is Not A Corgi and Vice Versa. Oz appears quite happy living his life without a tail and very short legs, and I must point out that his ears are disproportionately large for his little body. He resembles a small misshapen Sherman Tank while I resemble An Actual Dog. He was a nice lad, however. I shall let him continue to rule his One Acre Lot without interference.

I was surprised by the presence of another Shiba at the event, a Black and Tan named Kona. He was but a young idealistic lad and has yet to discover what it means to be Shiba. He went swimming in the pool with the other dogs, for example. He will require counseling before he is ready to assume his Title of Shibaness.

Considering that yesterday we had the Hurricane rains, it was a magnificent day to go out and mingle with the masses. I returned home, and retired to the quiet of my humble abode, eating a Greenie, and enjoying the praises that I so readily deserve. I shall make note in my social calender to return next year as no event is complete unless there is A Shiba.

I Am Shiba. Today I Let the Commoners Have Some Fun.