I Am Shiba.

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Take a Shiba to Work Day

So Wednesday, The Woman brought me to her place of work, and showed me what she does. Part of the reason I was there was to work some therapy on some children who enjoy walking dogs, and I sat in some chairs so that some wheel-chair bound children could pet me, but otherwise, I spent a good portion of my day, hanging with The Woman. We also visited two children who have known me for years, but I just had not had the time to visit them until this day. Both very glad to see me.

She did not have to spend much time in the classroom so half the time, I just hung around her desk, and greeted students as they came in. One young lad was very sad. His father is dying of a brain tumor so while The Woman worked at her desk, the boy sat on the floor next to me, scratching my belly. I even showed him my ticklish spot, and he laughed because every time he stopped, I waved my paw in the air saying "No, you can keep going!" We then went to that boy's class, and I played ball as the kids learned about "Service Dogs."

I was supposed to go home at this point, but The Science Teacher stated that he really need The Woman in his class so there was no time for the drive. I was tied to a chair (I could not be loose in Science Lab for safety reasons; I did not want to wear goggles and a lab coat) and rested while the kids learned how to apply the scientific method to making ice cream. Well, I certainly do not mind lying quietly while ice cream is being made all around me, and sure enough, at the very end, The Woman made arrangements for me to have a sampling or three.

I should mention that I did score in the junk food department:

1 hamburger
1 chicken filet sandwich (dropped by a student)
Ice Cream

No wonder The Woman has such a tough time dieting!

Everyone was, of course, impressed by the Power of All That Is Shiba. Everyone commented how they could never bring their dog to school and have it behave so well. I have an image to uphold and a breed to represent. I am hardly going to ruin that image by running through the building, jumping on people, or barking for no reason. Instead I was exactly as described by the AKC:

"A spirited boldness, a good nature, and an unaffected forthrightness, which together yield dignity and natural beauty."

However, I must end with this rather humorous tale. As The Woman walked to Science class with two special education students (one holding my leash and the other walking with us), the smaller of the two lads turned to The Woman and said, "Are you sure this is the same dog that you brought to summer camp? I thought your dog was a lot bigger."

The Woman hugged The Child as we continued our walk, and stated, "Sweetie, it's not that the dog was bigger, it's that you have just grown so much since then . . . "

But then again, we Shibas always have that way of appearing much bigger than we actually are.

I Am Shiba. Working 9 - 5 should be left to The Humans.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Today I am 8

I Am Shiba. Where's My Cake?

Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Puppy In The White House!

Dear Lord, get out the carpet cleaner and get ready for some good times. President-Elect told his daughters that they are getting the puppy that they have wanted when they go to the White House.

Now I know, there are many of us thinking- A Shiba in the White House- what an excellent idea- but I stand firm in stating, what a disaster this could be!

First of all, Shibas may be easy to house break but have you seen the size of that house?? Can you imagine picking up a puppy and running down 4 flights of stairs to toss us into the Rose Garden so that we might - MIGHT- decide that this is an appropriate place to relieve ourselves? Remember, some of us don't like eliminating in our own yard. Maybe the Congressional Lawn looks better. Oooo, a bug . . .

Secondly, I suspect that the housekeeping staff will have something to say about when we "blow our coats," the cooking staff will not be entertained by our ingenious methods of food theft and finally, will they have to call Cesar Milan in order to assist in training? The groundskeepers will be unimpressed by our landscaping skills; after all, these roses bushes are just in the way of any potential shrew or mole hunting.

You may think you are President of the United States of America but let's be frank. I am a Shiba. That speaks mountains louder than your role in national and international affairs.

But finally, let us all remember that these folks will be first time dog owners and as everyone knows, a Shiba requires someone who has "experience" in understanding the workings of our mind. Like there is anyone who qualifies in that department . . .

(am I suggesting a new Cabinet post- the Department of the Shiba? Now there is an idea!)

So, let's us all get over our excitement of the White House getting a puppy and stand firm that this puppy- no matter how great we are- not be a Shiba. Our place is better infiltrating society in a slow but steady rate rather than achieving the glory the a White House position would give our breed.

We do best incognito on unsuspecting people. A White House position will only blow our cover of eventual world dominance.

I Am Shiba. Get a Puggle. They Can Snore and Howl.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

November 4th, 2008

The Woman gets all excited about politics. With the coming of the falling leaves, she thinks about her visions of utopia and proudly walks to the polls. Much like my duty to announce when the MailMan arrives to the house, she takes her politics just as seriously. She often states that she can smell the politics in the air. All I smell these days are rotting leaves and dirty socks.

I consider today, what are my issues for this election? A chipmunk in every yard and free car rides? I always ask what everyone can do for me rather than what I can do for them, and I have no desire to be the first Shiba in Space. The Woman pays my Dog Tax for living here in the Northeast, but I get no representation for the taxes that are paid. A second class citizen-- I think not!

So what are the issues that I consider important (before The Woman drives herself to the polls, and stands in line for two hours):

1. Stop contaminated dog food. Even though I lack the right to vote, does not mean that I deserve food that makes me sick, or may even kill me. Every dog should be able to eat without fear.

2. Fund those who can not fund themselves. Continue free spay and neuter clinics for those who want companionship of a canine or feline (why, I can not fathom) and help vet clinics with funding accounts for people who can not pay for services for their pets. As medical treatments improve for all us household animals, the costs rise accordingly. Nothing would be sadder than seeing a friend or companion put to sleep because Their People lacked the money for an operation.

3. Punish those who mistreat us. Last week, in Connecticut, a man tied his dog to the back of his truck, and went inside his local bar. After several beers, he returned to his truck and drove home, forgetting that his friend was tied to the bumper of the truck. If I bite you, I get the death penalty; if you harm or injure me, you get a small fine or jail term. There is something wrong with this equation.

Tied to this is people vested in the image of the fighting pit bull and forcing dogs to kill one another. The Nuremberg defense did not work back then, and for fighting dogs, it does not work for them. Most of these dogs are destroyed for simply following the directions of what they were trained to do. As canines, we depend upon our people to teach us the laws of your society; punish the people rather than the dog for not following the rules.

4. Finally, recognize that we are dogs. We are not fashion accessories, barbie dolls, or periodic playmates. Recognize that we are not second class citizens and that we deserve to be as much a part of your life as we want you to be a part of ours.

I Am Shiba. I Cast My Vote.