I Am Shiba.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

For Every Reaction,

There is an Equal and Opposite Shiba Reaction.

If one Shiba should happen to leave a deposit in That Guy's basement because there have been no perfect spots offered earlier, then the second Shiba must pee on the cat post in the same area, on the same night.

Then, if the one Shiba happens to notice that another Shiba has marked the cat post, this Shiba must also attempt to spread their perfume on the catpost while the other Shiba smells the ex-deposit spot and considers this to be a preferred deposit spot rather than going out into the rain.

If one Shiba has to go out THIS VERY SECOND, the other Shiba will follow but do nothing. The other Shiba will then request to go out THIS VERY SECOND five minutes later, followed by a Shiba that will do absolutely nothing.

If one Shiba sees a squirrel in the front of the path, the other Shiba will see a squirrel behind on the path. Both forces will pull simultaneously and then rotate around The Person holding the leashes until The Person falls from dizziness.

If one Shiba barks at something seemingly important, the other Shiba runs to check out the emergency and then does not respond because there is no emergency. If the other Shiba notices something important and barks, the same response is applied. (Please note: this does not apply to the mailman and the delivery of the mail that happens to involve both Shibas simultaneously going crazy over the same moving object and sounds).

If one Shiba consumes their food very fast, the other Shiba will chew slowly. If one Shiba eats their treat where it is given, the other Shiba must run and hide in another room to consume their treat.

If one Shiba is walking in the rain, that Shiba will notice all the flowing water in the streets and be distracted from accomplishing its daily business as moving water is a mystery. During this same walk, the other Shiba must investigate every pile of leaves in case there is a mole, mouse, shrew, chipmunk or squirrel hidden within, and come home covered in damp leaf parts while the other has mud beyond its knees.

If new items are introduced into the household, one Shiba will point out that there is change occurring while the other remains calm. That is, until the very second that the First Shiba is exhausted from addressing the change and sleeping in its crate, at which point, Second Shiba resumes to point out that there is something different in the household and carry the banner of "no one asked us if this was permitted!"

Allow it to be noted: new game machines often have noises that Shibas have never heard before. What bothers one Shiba does not bother the other, and vice versa. So in essence, you have two Shiba barking at different sounds that equates to non-stop Shiba barking at new noises coming from some part of the house although resulting from different sounds at different times.

If one Shiba learns to do something that pleases The People, that Shiba will only perform identified action at a certain time periodically to its benefit. If one Shiba learns to do something that displeases The People, said Shiba will teach the other Shiba how to perform that particular activity so that The People are never certain which Shiba did what.

In summary, for every Shiba in the household, there is a Shiba that will do exactly the opposite of the first. All responses must be 180 degree differences as at no point shall two Shibas collide. If this should happen withing your household, the resulting fur implosion will be detrimental to your carpets, furniture and clothing.

I Am Shiba. I Am A Canine Enigma.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Belle-chan's Grand Finale

As my latest chipmunk hunting partner is now officially retired from the agility show circuit, she at least has proven that she is not to be underestimated. The Front and Finish Rankings have been released, and Belle-chan has proven her superiority.

2008 Rally A Advanced Ratings

1 Lee-Fen's Gotta Have Faith RN C Clifton (Shiba Inu) 18
2 Taichung Belle At Nozomi RN NAP NJP E Giles/M Giles (Shiba Inu) 6
3 Gingersnap Of Paladin RN B Searl/H Searl (Shiba Inu) 4
3 Mugen Akira CD RN S Scherr/J Scherr (Shiba Inu) 4
4 CH Midnight Sun Copper Akainami RN J Anderson/S Anderson/D Anderson/J Johnson (Shiba Inu) 3
4 Nozomi's Dread Pirate Roberts RN AX MXJ OF E Giles/M Giles (Shiba Inu) 3
5 Nozomi's Chrysanthemum RN OAJ M Giles/E Giles (Shiba Inu) 2

(ha ha, she says, she beat the Dread Pirate Wesley!)

and here she stands alone for her kennel:

2008 Rally Combined Ratings

1 Yuki Kitsune CDX RE OA AXJ D Takata/J Takata (Shiba Inu) 25
2 Lee-Fen's Gotta Have Faith RN C Clifton (Shiba Inu) 18
3 CH Wilhavens Can We Talk RN E Williams (Shiba Inu) 9
4 Taichung Belle At Nozomi RN NAP NJP E Giles/M Giles (Shiba Inu) 6
5 Mugen Akira CD RN S Scherr/J Scherr (Shiba Inu) 4
5 Gingersnap Of Paladin RN B Searl/H Searl (Shiba Inu) 4

And now, the most agility that she does is get on and off the couch.

I Am Shiba. When We Are Good, We Are Good!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


We have had issues with the traps, and as of yet, no chipmunks (or any other animal) has been caught or injured.

So, since today is raining, I offer this intermission movie:

Nozomi Kennel's Latest Agility Winner

(video sent to me by Nozomi Kennels)

I Am Shiba. Rainy Days and Chipmunk-less Days Always Get Me Down.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chip and Dale, Part 2

After swaping stories with the neighbors, it appears that the Chipmunks are running amok in the neighborhood. Every house is having issues with these striped little squeeky tender delicious critters.

A stand has been made. The People have gone out and purchased traps and the stuff to refill the hole in their house.

The traps will be set every day for the next few days, and then The People will be refilling and recementing the hole with screens including to avoid further chipmunk home invasions.

Tonight, the fun begins!

I Am Shiba. Using Dynamite Apparently Lowers Your Property Value.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chip and Dale

As The Woman and I were looking out the front window, we happened to notice a chipmunk slowly meandering across the lawn.

I looked at her, she at me, and soon two Shibas were leashed and tracking that little rodent down.

Turns out, it looks like he found a crevice in the house, and may be nesting in the walls! Now, The People are going to have to come up with a Plan.

News update at 11.

I Am Shiba. I Suggest Dynamite..

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cleaning Frenzy

The Woman has hurt her neck and shoulders because she is constantly carrying around heavy books for her classes, plus stuff for labs and clinical, plus homework and study material. Then She fell and hurt her other shoulder, the one that She broke thirteen years ago, and basically is not doing well. The doctor has given her some medicine, and she starts physical therapy at the end of the week, but She is bored.

So what does She decide to do today?

She decides to wash all the dog food bowls and all our blankets.

It is utter chaos. My stuff is not where it is supposed to be!

I Am Shiba. How Belle-chan Can Be So Calm About This, I Just Don't Understand.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Woman Shops

Every now and then, The Woman just lets go. She tires of buying her clothes at the Salvation Army, coupon clipping, and worst of all, discovering that there is never ever anything on sale anywhere that involves or has Shibas (she paid 12 dollars in a pet store for some Shiba Stationary, and it was the only Shiba item in the store!).

Except for the Internet.

So, to indulge herself, The Woman contacted Eriko Yatabe-Waldock (
myredcattledogs@hotmail.com) and placed an order with Shiba Inu Pottery. It was a small order of two small decorative plates, but they are beautiful. Each image actually does look like a Shiba.

She has already decided that after Christmas, she will be buying more Shiba pottery as one can never have enough Shiba in their lives. Two real plates for evening meals. Alas, I will be stuck with my same old dog bowl because of her selfishness (maybe she will let me lick the plate clean?)

The second thing that The Woman purchased is her yearly Japanese import of the Inu Seryu calender from Happy Buffay- The Woman's Japanese Internet Contact (see the story about the ad on the Misanthropic Shiba of a stuffed Shiba doll, asking Maki to translate, then find the doll and send it our way. Again, sometimes you just have to do what you have to do). This calender beautifully portrays the relationship of the Japanese and their Shibas in their daily lives. It not just a posed calender like one finds here in America but rather very select pictures of Shibas living their lives in their home country. Maki's storefront can be found here.

One thing to note: when purchasing items from Japan, be prepared that the shipping costs are almost as much as the item itself.

But its worth it in the end because there is no such thing as too much Shiba.

I Am Shiba. You Can Never Have Too Many Images of Me.