I Am Shiba.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Shiba Inu Tops List of Dogs for Ryan

Shiba Inu Tops List of Dogs for Ryan

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Eleven Reasons to Get a Shiba.

1. You will get plenty of exercise chasing your dog through the neighborhood.

2. You will save money on landscaping because the Shiba will do it for you.

3. You will get lots of attention from the public because everyone thinks that your dog is a mutt, a husky, an Akita, or a Corgi.

4. They are easy to housebreak, but often refuse to eliminate in their own territory, resulting in walks a mile away from home before they decide its okay to "deposit" here.

5. You need to know your place in society. The Shiba will teach you that it is to serve him, not vice versa.

6. The Shiba will question everything that you do. Like, why did you throw that perfectly good ball away? No, I will not go get it. You threw it. You get it.

7. You will learn that variety is important to your diet. This means that the dog food you fed yesterday is not adequate for today. If you think that you can wait it out, be prepared that your Shiba can wait longer.

8. Shibas believe that they are rulers supreme. After all, they are a National Treasure of Japan. Hence all dogs need to bow in their presence. That includes Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans, German Shepherds and that poor innocent happy Labrador that lives down the street. They may not start the fight, but they will finish it.

9. Shibas are hunters, and hunt they do. Its deeply bred into their blood. Squirrels, chipmunks, birds, the neighbor's cat; nothing is off limits.

10. Shibas shed more fur than most dog breeds combined. No one will doubt that you own a dog when you come to work wearing your Shiba's fur.

11. Shiba owners are a very proud people of their breed. If you disappoint us by any perceived maltreatment of our favorite dog, we will mail you all the fur that our dogs have shed between your Idol showings, just to prove that we will be keeping our eyes on you.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cortez, Boy Scout Extraordinarie

Build the Bond, Victoria Schade, Bark Magazine, J/A 2009.

"It became clear to me that in order to have happy, frustration-free partnerships with our dogs, we need more than just love and training. For a relationship that truly thrives, we must cement a bond with our dog built on trust, mutual respect, and regard."

The Woman Trusts Me to do The Right Thing at The Right Time.

Two days ago, we (myself, Belle-chan, and The Woman) went to go play in Squirrel Park. It was fabulous. There were lots of squirrels to chase and smells to be found. We all laughed, and had fun.

Then, off to the Farmer's Market we all went, where we purchased fresh produce. Belle-chan enjoyed a crunchy carrot while I stood around and let small children adore me.

Then, the Liquor Store, where The Woman bought "supplies" for the weekend, and we (Belle-chan and I) made fun of a Chihuahua that also happened to be there. (OMG, is that really a dog?? ha ha ha ha ha!)

Then, off to Highland Park as The Woman needed food for the weekend and That Guy wanted his special ice cream. It was starting to get hot and humid now, but we waited patiently for her return because we both know that Highland Park means deli meats and cheese!

We drive Home. It's like 2 miles.

As we get near the House, the Woman slows down. There is a dog running down the street, a little Yorkshire Terrier. There are cars severing to avoid Him, and there is another Woman from a different car attempting to call The Terrier and get him to come to her.

The Woman (of course) stops. Emergency Lights. "Did You Lose Your Dog?"

"No, this Dog is just running loose!"

The Woman, without a thought, opens the back door and grabs my leash. "Come Cortez," she says, "Heel now!"

I leave the car and immediately Heel. Traffic is stopped on all sides of this busy street. The Yorkshire Terrier is running around. He is scared. He is Shaking. He is Frightened.

He is Alone.

Belle-chan is barking from the Front Seat Driver's Side, wondering what are we doing?!

The Woman leads me toward the Terrier and says, Hey Little Guy, let's play! Cortez, be good, let's play! Come on, let's play!


As we get close, I immediately assume the crouch, and the Terrier, with interest, runs up to me. I start to bounce; he starts to bounce, and The Woman scoops him up and now he is no longer running scared in the street.

He has a collar, but no tags.

He is trembling in her arms. The People Who Are Waiting On The Road, cheer and clap, and then each one slowly moves around the emergency blinking cars and go about their business.

Sometimes, People can be very considerate.

Upon arriving Home, The Woman finds That Guy and says, "I need your help. Get the Cat Carrier Please." And when He walks out carrying it, and sees her holding The Terrier, He asks No Questions. He knows that whatever happened, happened for a reason.

The Woman gets The Terrier comfortable and calls the Warden, who comes quickly. It is very apperant that The Terrier is owned by someone who loves him; his fur is well cared for and his attitude is timid but positive.

After about an hour, The Phone rings, and The Woman finds out that The Terrier's Person has been found, and they are all reunited. This is a Feel Good Moment. The Terrier was not injuried on the Road nor did it get more lost than it could have. It was from the Neighborhood but had gotten out an open door.

And it took a Shiba to bring it Home.

I Am That Shiba.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

More IHasAHotDog Shiba Puppy Pics!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Zen of Shiba Sleeping

Belle-chan is The Zen Master of Sleeping.

While her locations vary, the goal is always the same.

3 . . .

2 . . .

1 . . . z z z z . . .

There is little regard for where Belle-chan decides to doze.

She merely does.

The ultimate opportunistic moment. That Guy is Asleep. The blankets are warm. Stealth is key to sneaking into this spot undetected.

On top of, or underneath . . .

She always finds her spot.

I, of course, am the ever vigilant Shiba of Guarding.

Except when I am waiting for the MailMan and The Sunbeam strikes me down.

No One can Resist the Power of the Sunbeam.

I Am Shiba. I Sleep Therefore I Dream of Squirrels and Scoops of Ice Cream.

Monday, July 06, 2009

What Is It That Makes Us Special?

The Woman loves the slope of Our necks and ears. She finds that look to be artistic and elegant, and relates Us to looking like fine bred Arabian Horses.

That Guy likes the fact that We are active watch and guard dogs. He knows that the house is in good hands when He is away.

They both like that We love to walk and travel well. We do not embarrass them with bad manners.

Their friends love the fact that We are not "in their face" dogs. Yes, We bark when they arrive, and then We continue about our business unless We see a need for Us to become involved. Human conversation is boring unless it includes petting Us. This seldom happens while Humans are eating.

I Am Shiba. What Do You Like About Shibas?