I Am Shiba.

Dedicated to momentary thoughts and musings of A Shiba Inu.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I have decided to make Belle-chan my sidekick. This way, I don't have to do as much work as in the past and yet, I can reap the benefits of being all that is Shiba. Furthermore, it makes me look better.

For example, yesterday, The People took us on a very nice hike in the woods. Belle-chan barked and offered to attack the following:

1 Black and White Akita
1 Very Obese Golden Retriever

1 Blue Tick Hound
1 Pit Bull That Was Jogging With Its Person
2 Small Furry Dogs of Unknown Origin
Several hikers Who Just Happened to be on The Same Path as Us

and while she did all this, I merely sat back and watched. T
he People implemented "training techniques" in their attempt to dismiss her very unladylike behavior (most of the dogs, she was merely telling them, Hey, I am a Champion, Are you a Champion? No? Then Get Outta These Woods Now- They Are Mine!) which, in my opinion, Belle-chan has all rights to brag about her Alphabet Soup.

So what is nice about having a sidekick is that She does all the work and I get all the Glory. She chases off all other dogs in the Name of the Shiba, and I get to be The Commander of Shibas because Belle-chan is too busy to notice my subtle leadership takeover.

Plus, with her asserting our Shibaness, everyone thinks that I am so well-behaved. It's a nice change. That Guy has decided to nickname her "Little Miss Disaster" because of her ability to cause complete chaos in such a serene wood.

Does this look like a dog who can conquer the Earth without subtle suggestion and assistance?

I Am Shiba. Having a Sidekick Is Cool.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cuteness Personified

So Belle-chan has been here a few days now and it does not seem like she is leaving anytime soon. This is okay because The People are giving us lots of treats to help our "adjustment period."

Belle-chan tends to get excited when a). there are treats; b). a leash is jangled; c). there are treats and d). anyone walks into the kitchen. She also appears happy to see people in the morning, and actually wags her tail! As I am not a morning Shiba, I find this enthusiastic attitude shameful. I had The People trained to calm sedateness in the morning hours; now we have a small furry rubber ball bouncing off the walls.

She does, however, mellow out with time. Belle-chan is quite taken to the couches as I have no interest in them. I think she is enjoying not having to share the space.

And if anyone thought that Shibas do not look like foxes, well, this picture might change your mind:

I Am Shiba. This Is Not As Bad As I Thought.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Introducing Belle!

It appears that The People think I needed a New Roommate, so They have invited Belle to come and live with Me. As to not confuse our faithful Readers, that is Belle on the Right. I am the one with the completely paranoid look on the left.

Belle comes from Nozomi Farms, and has many letters of the Alphabet that follow her name.

On our morning constitutional, she saw squirrels and barked at a neighbor. The neighbor fortunately just laughed but it appears that the Little Girl is quite informative regarding any activity during our walk.

Here is a picture of her winning something. Please note that the ribbon is bigger than her.

I am actually rather intrigued about having a room mate. While she has been here less than a day, we are already sharing the house together. She does silly things like get on the furniture and follow The People into the kitchen.

I shall have to teach her through example on how to behave.

I Am Shiba. What Was One Is Now Two.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


While many of us have already heard the story of the Colorado Shiba named Rex, I am posting his donation site in case any reader has not, and wishes to help the Colorado Humane Society with his care.

Rex's Donation Page

This is a very sad story, as are all cases of animal abuse, but the insanity of this particular case is beyond comprehension. We can only hope that Rex is able to find a nice, quiet forever home and learn how to be a Shiba without pain.

I Am Shiba.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Forgotten Story

The Woman, in all her busy-ness, forgot to rely the following story. I think that it is important that this story be told because:

1.) It shows how well trained I am.

2). It shows how helpful The Woman is.


3). It proves that above all, I am Shiba.

Last weekend, we were walking our morning constitutional when we came across a Mother walking her little Yappy dog while pushing a baby stroller. While Baby was tightly strapped into the contraption holding it hostage, Yappy was, of course, on a flexi-lead and running around enjoying himself.

Then He saw me.

Then He became furious, barking madly, running all around the stroller, barking, and carrying on, despite His Person's pleas to calm down. The Baby starts to cry, and the chaos gets worse.

Suddenly, the Baby stroller tips over and The Woman turns to address the commotion.

I am put into a Sit/Stay and The Woman runs over to help The Mother untangle her dog from the stroller, and get the stroller back upright. Yappy never ceases to stop barking at me, tossing challenges left and right, but I merely sigh and shake my head at the ridiciousness of such a silly barking monstrocity.

The Woman stays to make sure that Mother, Baby and Yappy are all okay. Mother is saying that she is going to head home because the situation was not working; the Woman offers her sympathy (without her normal lecture of why she hates flexi-leads) and turns toward me as so we can resume our walk.

It is, at this moment, that I realize something very important.

There is no one holding the other end of the leash.

The Woman is in front of me, walking toward me, politely calling my name, telling me what a good boy I have been.

I accept the challenge.

Immediately moving into a play stance, I then turn tail and run as fast as I can down the roads. The Woman starts to chase me and then gives up. I am faster than the wind, the blood of the cheetah could not have given me more inspiration to run with the glory of all that is free. Tongue hanging out and leash trailing behind me, I run by all the neighbors working in their yard, who politely point out to The Woman as she walks by, which direction I was headed.

Smartly, She figured I was headed to one of two places: Home or The Nature Center (my personal park).

Home was closer.

When She got to our front door, I was standing there calmly, looking at the door like I always do, waiting for it to open so that I might enter. I have always despised the fact that our Front Door does not open and close at my Will.

So she is standing on the steps looking at me. I turn and look at her, wondering if she was going to open the door, and as she continues to look at me, I ask the simpy question:

What did you expect? Actual Obedience?

I Am Shiba. I Do What Motivates Me At That Moment.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

We Lost to a Porteguese Water Dog!

Introducing . . . . Bo!


As the American Kennel Club describes them:


An animal of spirited disposition, self-willed, brave, and very resistant to fatigue. A dog of exceptional intelligence and a loyal companion, it obeys its master with facility and apparent pleasure. It is obedient with those who look after it or with those for whom it works.

Summary Statement
The Portuguese Water Dog is spirited yet obedient, robust, and of unexaggerated, functional conformation; sure, substantially boned and muscled, and able to do a full day's work in and out of the water.

These dogs are considered to be one of the most energetic yet gentlest of the hunting breeds. They are ranked 62 in breed popularity (ironically Shibas are 63) and I am sure will give the girls an active playmate. While not a rescue dog, it is a dog from a reliable kennel -- the other advantage of getting an older puppy is that it is housebroken and already partially trained. Senator Edward "Teddy" Kennedy owns three of them, and his trainers appeared to have assisted in preparing the dog for its new home.

While not a Shiba, it is a good choice as this is a hardy breed, not overly popular and hypo-allergic (okay, so they don't want fur all over the White House-- geesh!- just buy a good vacuum cleaner!)

Our plans for World Domination of the Free World have been abated at the moment. We are going to have to rely upon Plan B. We must convince that beautiful wife of Prime Minister Sarkozy that she needs a Shiba. We would only make the supermodel look that much better.

Anyone for roadtrip to Paris, France?

I An Shiba. I Could Learn to Like Escargot.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Walking at 7 AM

This morning I needed a walk. Not a 9 AM after The Woman is caffienated and starting her day; not at 8 AM when she is more awake and has found her glasses. It is 7 AM., and I want my walk now.

Fortunately, Those People were awake enough to read the signs as I stood by the front door with my nose pointing directly at the crack that gets bigger when The Woman turns the handle. Stupidly, they asked me if I wanted to go for a walk? Could I have made my message any more obvious?

But The Woman even admitted it was a nice walk. While a brisk 34 degrees F, I shook and fluffed my coat into place, and marched down the path. We opted for the long morning walk path rather than the short morning walk path as compared to the hour long morning walk path vs. a hike or heading into the woods. This walk takes me by Sundance the German Shepherd's house and I must always remind him that I live in this neighborhood too. It also gives me time to find where that Akita on the corner is doing his constitutionals so that I can remind him also that I still live around here.

The Woman noticed that while the Juncos are still flittering about, there were plenty of Cardinals and Robins out playing in the fields and on people's lawns, and the Finches were just starting to arrive at the feeders. Many neighbors had daffodils in full bloom in their yards and like ours, a number had their tulips emerging from the ground. Lawns are starting to turn green again, and the early morning landscapers were getting a headstart this morning, finding dead branches and trimming overgrowth.

I found an empty plastic bottle which I promptly picked up and brought home. Those People are really into recycling and are constantly picking up litter. I like to do my part when I can and am not embarrassed when people point at me as I walk home carrying their trash.

I Am Shiba. Spring Has Sprung.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Fidelco 2009

Well, the time has come for each of us to do our civic duties.

The Woman has donated her time the last few Fridays to several Special Olympic Events. She even washed the uniforms after the kids got done playing basketball with ten other schools.

That Guy will be walking to earn money for Cancer Awareness. I would join him on this walk except for two things: it is at 4 am. that he is choosing to walk and no dogs are allowed. His donation site is That Guy's "Relay for Life Fundraising Page" That Does Not Allow Shibas to Participate Not That We Would at 4 AM Anyway.

And myself? I will be walking for Fidelco on March 16, 2009 to once more raise money and awareness for all those working German Shepherds. If you care to sponsor our walk, please feel free to donate a few pennies to our secure webpage, The Woman's Fund Raising Page.

So though I know that money is tight and kibble is becoming more expensive, we feel it is our civic duty to donate to the less fortunate. While I support the work of my fellow canines and The Woman supports the work of her students, That Guy supports early morning workouts.

Hence, we will see him for breakfast at the more reasonable hour of 8 a.m.

I Am Shiba. We All Walk For Life, Each In Our Own Way.