I Am Shiba.

Dedicated to momentary thoughts and musings of A Shiba Inu.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Queen

Recently, I sat through a watching of this movie. The Woman insisted. I don't know why- there were no Shibas at any point in the film.

However, I have decided that from now on, my constitutionals shall be referred to as "walkies." It is obviously the Royal Way of taking a stroll.

I Am Shiba. I like Walkies.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It was only a Dead Frog!

Okay, so it was in the middle of the road of a busy street, with oncoming traffic both ways, but that does not mean that I *publicly* deserved to be verbally reprimanded (as well as suffer the humiliation of having my leash shortened and placed into a heel position until we were safely on a side street again).

I must check everything and anything that is different in my territory, and a dead frog certainly warrants my stepping off the sidewalk and into traffic. This is my principality, after all, and these motorized vehicles are subject to my rules of the road. The Woman (my Chamberlain) does not seem to appreciate my command while I am mingling among my peoples, and insists that I maintain a certain amount of dignity and decorum worthy of my status.

This seems to include not eating smelly dead creatures in the middle of busy streets.

So be it. Now, I will just whine until I get a Greenie, and then I will call it even.

On a side note, I am beginning to sense something different. The Woman is no longer packing her bags in the morning and leaving in a hurry after my morning constitution. She only leaves at night now. I am beginning to suspect that she has finally decided to accept her position in society as my one true servant, and will be available to me on a much more regular basis for things such as petting sessions, grooming, walks, rides, and whatever else I can think up as a spontaneous yet engaging activity.

I Am Shiba. Respect my Authority!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Squirrels > Birds

Although The Woman most certainly disagrees with me on this issue.

Yesterday was her walk. While there were squirrels in the neighborhood to be counted, she was enamored by the bird activity. She constantly stopped and admired these feathery noisemakers, noting their behaviors and admiring their operations.

First, there were several European Starlings feeding their young. As the parents moved about from yard to yard searching for insects, the babies following. As the parent approached, they would loudly squawk in anticipation of food. This happened on a number of locations throughout of walk.

Second, we could hear several woodpeckers working away on trees, seeking tasty bugs on which to feed. I can only assume that they have brethren to feed as well, hence their high level of activity so early in the morning.

Next, we watched two squirrels destroy a bird's nest, which made The Woman rather sad. I shall contact those neighbors later and ask if they require my services for pest elimination.

Finally, as we were finishing our walk, almost to the house, a Great Blue Heron flew right up the road, just over our heads.

The Woman said that this was a good omen, a great start to Summer.

I Am Shiba. My Favorite Bird is The Chicken.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Rainy Days and Mondays

always get me down. The woman who sung that song died from Anorexia Nervosa. Sad. In a world where there is so much food, it is hard to imagine that someone would refuse to eat. But this woman was right. I get depressed when it rains and on Mondays. Like today. No cheese in my breakfast. How was I suppose to cope with this?

Mondays are an understandable depression for The Shiba. In a whirlwind of chaos, The People leave the house, and I am alone - alone to face what goes bump downstairs (usually it is that stupid feline falling off a shelf), the mailman making noise at the front door, and the solitude created by lack of human contact. My toys are locked up. I am bored with my bones. I just sit in my crate and wait. The Woman comes home eventually and the day emerges.

You could say that I live for the weekends. Usually there is something fun planned. Trips to the store. Road trips to the woods or fun places where I get to eat ice cream or have a hot dog. The Woman cooks; The Guy barbecues. There are plenty of activities to oversee and enjoy. There is music playing in different parts of the house, chores being completely, gardening, birds, squirrels, long walks in the cool morning air.

And it all involves me.

Except when it rains. Today it is raining. It is boring. The Woman sits at her computer and the Guy hides downstairs. I don't want to go outside and get wet, and all travel is limited to just movement around the house. I am not good at patiently waiting for something to happen but at least the doors are open so I can see what is happening in my neighborhood, and The Woman is not arguing with The Guy over the air conditioner. He told me the other day that it is a miracle when the Woman is not complaining about being too hot or too cold. Then he sighed and said, and we only have five to ten more years of this. I tried to explain to him that she needed to learn how to shed but he didn't get it.

But apparently she does shed. And when she sheds, they have to call someone named "Tim the Plumber" to save them. He came out this week in fact to clean up the hair that The Woman shed in the shower. And while I really wanted to watch this process, I was crated because The Guy said that my supervision was unnecessary.

I was only trying to help!

So today it rains, and I pretend to sleep at the door to The Woman's office and The Guy's basement. And I wait for something to happen in case the rain stops.

I Am Shiba. Just Hangin' Around.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Late Night Crate Meditations

Last night, The Woman and The Guy were discussing a variety of topics relating to all sorts of topics, but one topic kept coming back. It appears that there is a war happening in another country, and the two of them are very vested regarding its outcome.

So I was thinking.

I have my territory. It involves a three block radius around the house. I patrol this regularly as The Woman and I take our daily constitutions. When other dogs challenge my neighborhood authority by leaving their graffiti, I merely cover theirs with my own.

So, I figured out that this war The Guy and The Woman are discussing, is just a pissing contest.

I Am Shiba. I Think Therefore I Shed.