I Am Shiba.

Dedicated to momentary thoughts and musings of A Shiba Inu.

Monday, September 28, 2009

10 Things You Never Knew About Me

(Concept borrowed from Lisa's Website)

1. I like to start every morning with a belly rub, then breakfast, then my constitutional.

2. My best friend is a Bichon Frise.

3. I am fascinated by moving water.

4. I don't like onions in my table scraps.

5. I hate the Dust Buster.

6. I really did not mind Belle-chan moving into the house. She amuses me. Together, we make a great hunting team and I like looking out the window, watching the neighbors with her.

7. My favorite cheeses are Parmesan and Sticks of Mozzarella.

8. I don't wag my tail unless I am hunting something. People say that my tail muscles have atrophied to a point of being useless but I know that this is not true. I am just waiting for something important enough that requires tail wagging, and it has not yet happened.

9. I like the fact that The People are homebodies. I worry if The Woman is gone too long or if The People leave unexpectedly without me. Change bothers me unless they bring home leftovers.

10. If I could be any character from a television series, I would be Mr. Spock from Star Trek, the original series.

I Am Shiba. I Bear My Soul To Each of You.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

loldog Shiba Strikes Again!

I Am Shiba. A Shiba Smile is the Best Smile.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

MDoG Kersplash

Last weekend, I had the honor of representing my dog therapy group, Allen's Angel's from Bolton Vet, at the Manchester Dog Association, Doggie Kerplunk. (Note: also present were Roscoe and Ruby, Zoe, and Max a Cavalier King Spaniel whose picture is not on the site). Not that I would eve
r "kerplunk" into anything, but there were plenty of Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Spaniels of all sorts, Border Collies, and a variety of other canines who shared in their joy of diving into a large lake, swimming, and just cavorting around like dogs should. The smell of wet happy dogs permeated the entire event.

(Happy Newfoundland and Bernese Mountain Dog- will take these two quite a while to dry out!)

(A Bored Scottish Terrier)

I, of course, allowed everyone else to engage in these frivolities while demonstrating that there is some dignity to the title of "Dog." (For those in the know, Belle-chan was left at home for this event as The Woman thought that it might be a tad traumatic for the participants to have to deal with Her).

The interesting thing is that four Shibas were present. In our small town, it is seldom that we see each other in such a large number. There was myself.

This is Zoey, who we often see about town, riding shotgun in her People's truck.

This is Chin-Chin who lives in a house with two other Shibas: a cream and a red.

There is a new addition to the Manchester Shiba Collection, Nefertiti, who is a happy-go-lucky- omg- I LOVE everyone 5 1/2 month old Shiba.

Cody, a red Shiba that I know from Squirrel Park, was not present at the event but there are at least seven shibas now guarding the delicate image of dignity among the hooliganism represented at an event such as this.

What was also nice was the presence of two very important organizations, Fidelco- the Service Dog training program that we support every spring with their sponsored walk,

and Greyhound Rescue, which became an important part of the New England Rescue Movement as racing tracks started to close and these dogs had no place to go.

Overall, even I must admit it was an fun two hours in the sun. There were many happy dogs. There were a number of dogs and owners who came and talked about becoming part of the therapy program. I was adored by the masses and allowed even the lesser minions to approach and engage in conversation. It was nice to see such a great turnout for a event that met on a rain date rather than the actual scheduled event, and yet still people came, all in support of getting a dog park here in My Town so that everyone has a place to run and play safely.

I Am Shiba. I Give My Blessing To This Event.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

9/17/09- My Day

I spent the night in my crate because The Feline was allowed upstairs to share quality time with The Woman. Unamused.

I was fed late this morning by 67 minutes because The Woman slept in. Not a good start. Still unamused.

No early morning constitutional except some time in the backyard. The Woman claims she had to get to school asap. Exponentially unamused.

She comes home.

She gives out pets and treats. Okay, maybe I am a little bit interested in what she is doing.

The Woman puts Belle-chan in her crate. Oh, now, this is interesting! And gets my leash and collar. Car ride! I almost allow my interest to pique.

First we go to the bank. I pee on their shrubberies.

Then we go to Pet Smart. I pee on their shrubberies.

Then we go to a store that I can not enter. The Woman is losing points again; boredom rapidly sets in.

Then, we go to the Place Where People Adore Me, and they notice how calm and regal I am while stroking my fur and speaking fabulous things about me. This is always good.

Then home, and for one of the few times ever, Belle-chan actually allowed me to chase her around the kitchen table- a modified Shiba 500 but still, actual play. This is very good!

Then, another treat.

Now, if The Woman will feed and walk us on time, this day might balance equally for unamusement and subtle contentment.

I Am Shiba. I Am Waiting . . .

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yesterday It Rained, Part Two

So the question arose yesterday as to whether or not Belle-chan and myself could push The Woman over that subtle line of controlled normalcy to insane hysteria.

It turns out that the answer is yes. Yes we can.

The rain continued to fall as we were forced out of the warm dry house to do our constitutionals in the back yard. Usually, when it is raining like this, there is a rather dry part of a wooded area that The Woman takes us so that we do not complain that much. And she maintained consistent as we walked to this particular spot.

Where, upon our arrival, Belle-chan and I both immediately spy a chipmunk.

Many will remember that we have been hunting chipmunks for most of the summer and this one obviously had not gotten the memo that our yard was off-limits to striped rodents. But, there it was, looking around casually in our very definitely well marked spot, and We Immediately Strike.

Think two cheetahs on leashes attempting to chase a gazelle.

Now, when it rains, several factors come into play:

1. The leaves are wet and slippery.
2. The grass is wet and slippery.
3. The rock steps are wet and slippery.

and so it goes that as Belle-chan and I started our chase, The Woman was unable to keep her footing and finds herself sliding behind us.

The chipmunk runs and assumes that hiding under The Woman's car is an intelligent decision, and for a few moments, we were stymied. That is, until Belle-chan realizes that she could crawl underneath the car while I stood guard elsewhere (I Knew this Girl was Good for Something).

That striped thing (realizing that his decision was a poor one) takes off from underneath the car, heading back toward the woods. Belle-chan is still under the car but I am free to give chase. Remember, however, the three points regarding slippery footing and the two leashed cheetahs.

The Woman refuses to let go of the leashes but Belle-chan is unable to get out from underneath the car as fast as I am able to pursue the quarry. This time, The Woman is literally stuck between two Shibas, being pulled in opposite directions while lying flat on the ground.

By the time Belle-chan gets out from underneath the car, I have been pulled back and restrained. The two of us are promptly marched back into the house despite our attempts at pulling back toward the woods because We Know Where It Is!!

Neither Belle-chan nor I were allowed into the backyard for the rest of the day. We had to walk later that day on wet sidewalks in order to meet our daily obligations.

The Chipmunk lived to see another day. That is, unless The Cat next door finds him.

I Am Shiba. The Hunt Shall Resume.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Yesterday It Rained

And because of this, it took both Belle-chan and I almost an hour to complete our business because the following occured:

1. The grass was wet
2. The grass was dry but the leaves above the dry grass was wet
3. The sidewalks had puddles
4. The sewer grates were making funny noises that required investigation
5. Wet squirrels are slower than normal squirrels
6. Our paws got wet and require immediate attention
7. Our paws continued to get wet while we searched for an appropriate area
8. Things smell different when wet and require complete examination
9. Lifting my leg resulted in my privates getting wet
10. And finally, we just did not feel like doing it in the spots The Woman took us- we wanted to go on the other side of the neighborhood.

Today, it is suppose to rain again.

I wonder if we can push her over the edge of sanity.

I Am Shiba. Always Keep Them Guessing.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Paging Dr. Cortez! Paging Nurse Belle!

Yesterday, The Woman had to wear her school uniform for Nursing for the first time so pictures were mandatory.

I Am Shiba. Every Picture is Worth 1000 Words. Or Laughs. Or Requires Shiba Presence.