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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Latest Interactions with Japanese Colleagues

During the last seven days, I have had several interactions with other cherished Japanese Icons.

The first was an Akita, born from the same line as a Westminster Best of Breed Winner. He was just a puppy but weighed in at 120 lbs and was about 5X larger than myself. However, he was docile, friendly, and wanted to play. The two of us had a very nice peefest in order to mark the neighborhood.

The People I Live With love all the Spitz breeds. Both have had experience with Huskies, The Woman loves Malamutes, and to them, the Akita is stunning. Each would love to have an Akita but realize that a). they do not have the strength to address such a big dog, and b). think that Shiba fur is bad enough. I personally don't want to live with an Akita. It would be difficult to maintain my dominance but meeting one on the street was just fine. Akitas are truly a stunning breed of beauty, size, and strength. They exemplify the other side of the Japanese history: The Samurai.

If you wish to see how magnificent these dogs are, check out this video:


It really shows the size and strength compared to that of The Shiba. And their tails. I am jealous of their tails.

So my life continues after meeting the opposite end of the spectrum of Japanese Spitz dogs, when on Sunday, my life is suddenly intruded upon by a little female Shiba whom That Guy called Yakuza (Yaku for short). She was found wandering the streets and a person decided that The Woman could help find her home.

So our house temporarily became a homeless shelter for Shibas.

Even I admit that I was intrigued by our little newcomer and found her to be kinda fun to have around. The People, of course, gave us both the royal treatment since we had a visitor of a burger and cheese with our kibble, as well as plenty of treats. We went for walks together and overall it was a positive experience sharing my kitchen with an outsider (although my food and water bowl had to be moved and this displeased me).

This, however, has lead about to another issue. It appears that after Yaku came to stay (and her owner was found the next day so there were no issues there), That Guy has determined that he would like another Shiba in the house.

Another Shiba?

Ummmm, hello? Am I not Shiba enough for everyone?

It appears not.

Even while Yaku was with us, I have been accused of making sure that Yaku understands that The Woman is mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. This left That Guy open for attention, affection, and adoration. And he bought it, hook, line and sinker. That Little Girl wrapped him so fast around her finger that he was actually sad that we found her owners. He was prepared for her to stay in our house as her new forever home.

So the search is now on, as we will seek a Shiba for That Guy. She will have to be small, cute, and snuggly (everything I am not) and as he put it this morning, "not a militant robot shiba who never errs."

I can not help it that I am Perfect.

I Am Shiba. The Feline Does Not Approve of This Message.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Today I Got Mad

The Woman actually left the House, went to the store, and did not take me. She did not even ask me if I wanted to go. She merely assumed that since I did not follow her to the door that I was not interested in going. But did she tell me she was leaving?


Did she call my name, and ask me if I wanted to go for a ride?


Did she go somewhere that she always takes me so that I can sniff the shrubberies and smell the baking bread?


But was I in the car with her?


I was so mad at her for not taking me that I refused to acknowledge her presence when she returned, and did not speak to her for several hours. I would not even lie near her; I was that mad.

It is now evening. I have been well-fed and walked. While I have not forgiven her, I have returned to acknowledging her presence.

But she better not forget me again!

I Am Shiba. Apologies are Seldom Accepted.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Factor Score Key:
A gold star indicates that this dog scored within the good–normal range. Just how good depends on the percentile rank. For most subscales the lower the percentile rank the better. However, for the subscale "Trainability” a higher rank is preferable, while for the subscales "Attachment/Attention-seeking” and "Energy", percentiles in the mid-range (25th–75th percentiles) are generally better than those at either extreme. Excitable dogs (above the 75th percentile for "excitability") are generally more of a problem than calm ones, but very low excitability (below the 5th percentile) may also be problematical.
A red flag indicates that this dog obtained a less favorable score for this subscale than at least 75% of the dogs in the comparison sample.
Two red flags indicate that this dog obtained a less favorable score for this subscale than at least 90% of the dogs in the comparison sample.
INC This indicates an incomplete score. Not enough questions were answered for this subscale to provide an accurate value.

dogs of same breed
(total = 72)
dogs of all breeds
(total = 9949)

Scores for cortez
Stranger-directed aggression
86% -
76% -
Owner-directed aggression
65% -
81% -
Dog-directed aggression/fear
59% -
69% -
Familiar dog aggression
- -
- -
69% -
42% -
86% -
92% -
Stranger-directed fear
43% -
53% -
Nonsocial fear
13% -
18% -
Separation-related problems
00% -
00% -
Touch sensitivity
34% -
47% -
52% -
33% -
72% -
48% -
37% -
23% -




So, The Woman tried the Canine Behavioral Assessment and Research Questionnaire on myself today. It appears that my biggest problems are that I like to chase things and roll on smelly things. Not surprising. I live to chase and roll.

The red flag of stranger aggression is because I guard the House. That is what I do. My job is to protect the house from any and all intruders. and I do this by sounding a very loud alarm which discourages anyone from approaching unless they absolutely have to be here. Even then, I must follow the people around to make sure that they don't steal the silverware.

Not that we really have any "silver" silverware, but I practice just in case we might get some someday.

The owner related aggression was an unusual component. I don't really consider myself aggressive toward The Woman and That Guy; it's just that what is mine is mine and what is their's is mine too.

If you want to try the test, go here: http://w3.vet.upenn.edu/cbarq/ . As you can see from comparing myself to Tierce on the Misanthropic Shiba, we are very different dogs of the same breed, but then also, he is an intact young male and I am just becoming a lazy old man.

I Am Shiba. I Would Write More Except that I Need a Nap.

Friday, January 16, 2009


This morning, The Woman got up and looked at the thermometer.

It read Zero F.

When That Guy asked The Woman, what the temperature was, she said there wasn't any.

I Am Shiba. I Don't Do Zeros.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snow, Ice, More Snow

My constitutionals have been disasters!

The last few days, ice everywhere. I slip and slide, The Woman has fallen twice, and its impossible to pick up any decent smells.

This morning, once more, everything is covered with a new coating of snow that looks really nice but limits my access to the place I want (i.e., the more expensive shrubberies that the neighbors have). The Woman is going to have to dig me a trail because I ain't walking in stuff that comes up to and over my belly.

And how the hell am I supposed to lift my leg?

"They" say that my ancestors were mountain dogs, able to withstand freezing temperatures and all elements while still not returning when their owners called them. Bully. My ancestors never had to deal with snow like this and personally, I am requesting that we move to somewhere nicer like Cancun, until this continuous deluge stops.

I could handle the beach for a few weeks.

I Am Shiba. I Am Not Amused.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Never Head Butt a Cobra

The Woman and That Guy have been starting new habits for the last month.

One of these habits has been some beginning a.m. yoga stretches which That Guy says really helps him feel better, and The Woman likes the quiet time and stretching.

The Woman claims that she has learned to ignore The Shiba when I flops down next to her when she does her relaxation and bridge poses, even when I lie on my back, four feet in the air, and stick my nose in her ear.

When That Guy is stretched out with his hands in front of him while seated with legs crossed, I woof and run around him. After all, that is the international symbol of play. Sometimes, I even hit him on the head with my paw to say, Yes! I am Ready!

There is one pose which is called "the Cobra pose."

The People get really pissed off if I come over and butt them when they are practicing it.

But they are at the perfect level for me to show my appreciation of all that they do for me.

I Am Shiba. I Found My Inner Peace; Let Me Help You Find Yours.