I Am Shiba.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Wait A Minute . . .

So, The Woman installed a gate to keep me out of the living room so that I would not pee on those delightful little corners.

So, yesterday, The People had friends over for the Holidays and sometime during the course of the evening, the small child feel asleep.

And wet his pants.

On the couch.

I Am Shiba. How Come Humans Can Pee On The Couch And I Can Not?

Monday, November 22, 2010

If The Eagles Make It To The Superbowl,

There will be no party at my house, nor will The Household be watching it anywhere.

I, The Shiba, will not permit myself to see a glorified dog torturer reap glory because he happens to have a talent for throwing a football. He is a convicted felon. He should be always remembered as that.

Who is with me here?

I Am Shiba. I Have Spoken.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Am The Prodigal Son

One of the things that the Dog Trainer Person told The Woman and That Guy is that as winter comes, it would be easier on my hind legs if I learned to eliminate in the back yard rather than long walks with possibly icy areas.

Now note, for 7 years, I have only once pooed in the backyard and that was after the famous Shiba sickness moment after I completely cleaned up all the drippings from the turkey pan of Thanksgiving (we have all since learned our lessons after that one!) so there was going to be a challenge in place as to how to get me to learn to do this.

After all, I am Shiba, and as Dog 101 said, Looking for a dog easy to train? Keep on looking . . .

So The Woman set about on a mission and while it took about a month, it finally worked.

Belle-chan, of course, did it first and got all sorts of attention and praise. This is why she makes me so mad sometimes. She is cute, adorable, and sticks her tongue out at me when The Woman calls her a good girl.

Well, two can play this game, Missie!

While I still require finding the most perfect of spots so I take a little longer than Barbie Shiba, I have caught on to this idea that if I eliminate in the backyard in the morning, I not only get breakfast, but I get The Woman telling me how awesome I am and a special treat also! Breakfast, poo, awesomeness, and treats. What a great way to start the morning!!

That Guy is jealous though, cause The Woman apparently does not praise him for pooing in the morning. Maybe if he tried going outside . . .

I Am Shiba. I Am Talented and Gifted.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Belle is not one to avoid comfort. The fact that she has been banished from the living room has been an inconvenience to say the least, since the couch and the chair are no longer available.

The leaves two places: the couch in The Woman's Room (pictures to come later) or the bed.

And then if the goose down cover is not enough, you can always add a pillow or two:

Belle is not one to give up luxury when it is available.

I Am Shiba. I Snooze In My Crate Unlike Some Shibas.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Today I Am 10!

I Am Shiba. I Look Pretty Darn Good For An Old Man!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Wines For The Holidays

Our favorite organization, the Fidelco Association, is offering a delicious selection of their wines for the holidays. The Woman has sampled most of them, and finds them satisfactory. We, of course, being organically oriented, are happy that they have chosen this route (as well as the wines are vegan which makes this Shiba wonder if there is like a "Beef" wine or maybe a "Salmon" wine).

Feel free to check out their website as the holidays are arriving and as The Woman often says, "She likes to cook with wine, and sometimes she even uses it in the meal."

Fidelco Wines

I Am Shiba. Next Stop, Googling Salmon Flavored Wine.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010


That Guy and The Woman have placed us in jail.

Since I discovered that it was far easier to pee on the furniture that overtly ask to go out, they discussed a variety of plans and eventually came up with this one.

So far, Belle-chan has not been able to figure out how to get over, around, or through it. That, in and of itself, is an accomplishment.

So we are now isolated away from all living room furniture unless The People are present to make sure that *I* don't make any mistakes (like they can prove it- Belle-chan did a few herself I know for a fact).

Belle-chan is upset that she lost access to the couch so a new couch was made for her in the Women's office and our blankets have all been moved in there. It is okay, but not as nice as the living room. Habitable at least.

But now That Guy doesn't worry about us being lose, and The Women isn't constantly cleaning up after me.

The only sad thing is that we don't get to bark at the mailman anymore.

I Am Shiba. I Miss Barking At The Mailman.